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RUSH: Steven in Millington, Connecticut, nice to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hey.

CALLER: Rush, I want to thank you for 18 years of speaking my mind for me on a public platform.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I appreciate that. I just want to get right to my point because that’s what your caller screener said. I’m really, mad, aggravated, pissed off, if you will, that McCain is the standard-bearer of the Republican Party. He is the one that has put us in the situation by being the leader of the Gang of 14. He has neutered the Republican Party when they’re at their strength, when they could have destroyed the Democratic Party by putting through the judicial nominations. He has went against Bush at every chance he could. He has taken the Republican Party down and now he’s trying to lead it. He is realizing at the last minute that he has made a mistake. He is coming to us looking for support, and I fear that it might be too late, and I’m just curious, how do you make me feel better, Rush?

RUSH: Who are you going to vote for?

CALLER: McCain, only because of judicial nominations.

RUSH: You want to know how to make yourself feel better?

CALLER: I hope that he gets elected and then, through succession, Palin takes over.

RUSH: All right. If you want to make yourself feel better when you go in there and vote, tell yourself you’re voting Palin.

CALLER: You know what, I’ve got a bumper sticker on the back of my truck that says Palin: next speaker of the House ’08. But this guy, he has done everything he can to destroy the Republican Party.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, I know, I wouldn’t quite go that far — well —

CALLER: Well, he has.

RUSH: Yeah, I guess — (crosstalk)

CALLER: — Democrat Party, he’s done everything he can to destroy the Republican Party —

RUSH: It doesn’t matter.

CALLER: — and he’s done it, he has taken us out of the mix, it makes me mad.

RUSH: — doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter now.

CALLER: Well, I know, you can’t go forward —

RUSH: — doesn’t matter, that is what —

CALLER: You can’t go backward, you gotta go forward.

RUSH: No. It’s like I’ve been telling you out there, Steven, one step at a time. We drag Yosemite Sam across the finish line, and then after that we deal with the next set of difficulties, challenges, or what have you. One step at a time. Stay focused. All that right now is irrelevant rigmarole. I hope you feel better having vented it. Sometimes that can be therapeutic. But we’re all dealt the hand that we’re dealt, and we all have to play that hand as it’s played. And right now we cannot afford Barack Obama. I’ll tell you another reason you need to vote McCain is because voting Republican is going to help down the ballot, and we cannot, gosh, folks, you think Obama would be bad, you let Obama in there with 60 Democrat Senate seats, and that’s when we’ve got some really serious work to do that would be very, very, very hard.

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