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RUSH: Erica Jong, again, tells an Italian newspaper, there will be ‘the second American Civil War’ if Obama loses. We have had other civil rights leaders who say Obama really isn’t going to be the first black president and the race business will not shut down. This will not mean that there is an end to racism in America, because Obama has no ‘slave blood.’ His wife does. Michelle (My Belle) has ‘slave blood,’ but Obama does not. So therefore this guy said there really will be no end to race. This has been echoed now by Charles Ogletree, who is a law professor at Harvard. He’s also a top advisor on race issues for Obama. He said that since Obama’s biracial, his election will not prove that racism has receded. ‘White America will not vote for blacks,’ Ogletree says. ‘Obama’s election is possible only because he’s partly white.’ This is a law professor at Harvard, Charles Ogletree. Let’s go Obama himself last night on The Daily Show. The host says, ‘The polls have you up, but then they keep talking about this Bradley Effect, this idea that white voters will lie to the pollsters and then not actually vote for you. What do you say about that?’

OBAMA: Yeah, they’ve been saying that for a while, but we’re still here, so I don’t know. I — I don’t think white voters have gotten this memo about the Bradley Effect.

HOST: Your mother is, uh, from Kansas. She’s, uh, a — a white woman, your father, African. Are you concerned that you may go into the voting booth and…

OBAMA: I won’t know what to do!

HOST: Your — your white half will all of a sudden —

OBAMA: Right!

HOST: — decide, ‘I can’t do this!’

OBAMA: Yeah. Yeah. It’s a problem. I’ve been going through therapy to make sure that I vote properly on the 4th.

RUSH: So they’re making jokes here about being half white now, but I don’t really think it’s a joke. I think when you find out that Ogletree, an advisor, says (paraphrased), ‘He’s not a black guy! He’s half white. That’s why Americans are going to vote for him,’ I think this is all strategic rather than Obama trying to participate here in a joke about himself.

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