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RUSH: Here’s Lorraine in San Diego. Hi, Lorraine, nice to have you on the program. Welcome.

CALLER: Hi. Well, Rush, on this election eve, I’m going to put on my commentator hat today and provide you with my Election Day prediction, but first, Rush, I’d like to remind and refresh the memory of conservatives listening today that Rush Limbaugh had warned you people that John McCain was a setup and was the hand-picked candidate that Democrats like me wanted to run against, so many Democrats crossed over to vote for McCain during the primary to assure that he received the nomination, and then, of course, Operation Chaos happened after that, just wanted to remind you people. So here’s my prediction, Rush.

RUSH: Wait a minute, Lorraine.


RUSH: Hang on a minute. I’m still trying to digest the central point here of what — you’re blaming me for something here?

CALLER: Oh, no, I’m saying that you’re the one who tried to alert everyone. You warned conservatives in the Republican Party that John McCain was not the genuine candidate, but he was the candidate that was picked by Democrats.

RUSH: And the Democrats would not vote for him in the general —

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: — after they crossed over. Right. Well, I’m not prepared to concede your point, Lorraine, that it’s a landslide in the making tomorrow.

CALLER: Well, I don’t know if it’s going to be a landslide, but here’s my prediction. Obama wins it tomorrow because John McCain would have to run the board in order to win, including, Rush, get this, he needs about a hundred percent of the undecided. He’s got to take Colorado, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Missouri, and Pennsylvania. And since Obama is currently holding all the states run by — I mean this is amazing — Obama need only one of those states, Rush, in order to be president. But there is a wild card left.

RUSH: Lorraine, what is your source material that gave you this knowledge? Where does it come from that McCain has to run the table?

CALLER: Well, I’ve looked at a lot of the analyzing from the Associated Press, also MSNBC —

RUSH: I see, I see, so you are using the polls as reported by the Drive-By Media?

CALLER: I’ve seen some of Fox stuff too but he does have a wild card, Rush.

RUSH: You know, I mean Fox is one element here. So you’re buying into the notion here that McCain has to run the table ’cause Obama is ahead in every battleground state?

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: And nobody can run the table in all these battleground states, so it’s over?

CALLER: Yes, but there is a wild card. Let me tell you what that is. The wild card that McCain has here, sadly, is racism. Now, that’s all McCain has left. This is what I mean by that. McCain has to hope that a large enough portion of voters, of American people, are going to vote against Barack Obama simply because he’s black.

RUSH: Well, no, see, Lorraine X, here’s the thing, this is the thing about this. You just got through citing the polls, you credit them with validity in saying McCain has to run the table, and then, ‘Oh, we got a caveat, if there’s a lot of racism,’ you’re talking about the Bradley Effect. You are thus saying the polls really can’t be trusted even though you trust them that McCain’s gotta run the table. That’s why I say this is not over.

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