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RUSH: Chico, California. This is Leslie. Welcome. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Hello. Thank you for taking my call. I promised to be brief and to be to the point, so I’ll do just that. I’m wondering how the Machiavellian empty suit and his Democratic buddies are going to fulfill these promises that they have promised everyone that, you know, they are champion the cause, they’re going to even the playing field, make those rich people pay — implying that, you know, Wall Street is business-oriented so they must be conservative so we’re going to tax those rich people and give you a check so you’ll feel better. I mean, how far does the $500 check or a thousand-dollar check go? And then how is McCain, who’s in a desperate minority in the House and Senate, how are he and Mrs. Palin going to get what they need? I mean, it seems very difficult. You know, the liberal Democrats are convincing people that they’re going to champion their cause, that they’re going to even the playing field. ‘Your circumstances are not your fault. You know, I’m going to give you a check.’ A handout sounds so much easier than a leg up. And then what can you say — this is my final question — what can you say to Democratic, liberal lemmings to get their attention so that they’ll listen to you?

RUSH: (chuckling)

CALLER: So that they’ll at least consider what you’re saying? Because they just shut down.

RUSH: Well, look, I wish I could answer that. Because if I can answer that, I would be the most highly paid campaign consultant on earth. If I could come up with a way to change significant numbers of voters… I change minds, and, you know? Every year we change a lot minds here and so forth, but I don’t know what more you can do. Here you’ve got a guy out there saying he wants to bankrupt the coal industry. Here you’ve got a guy who comes out of this church. You have a guy who goes to Berlin and every chance he gets, he runs down and criticizes his own country. So trying to explain the psychology of a liberal voter is difficult. The thing I think that’s easiest to say about them is they’re just enraged. They are boiling mad. They hate George W. Bush.

CALLER: They do. They’re vindictive. And, you know, I’ve even gotten out some Monopoly money with my friends, with my family and said, ‘Here’s how payroll taxes go. This is how it’s going to happen,’ and my own friends are saying to me, I’m lying.

RUSH: They’re not thinking that far ahead. If they were they wouldn’t be voting for Obama! They’re living for one moment. They’re living for the election returns tomorrow night that proclaim Obama the winner so that they can feel like they have had their revenge against Bush, because they have hated this guy since they think he stole the election in 2000. After that, day two, day three is when reality will set in.

CALLER: And, you know, it’s very entertaining to me. I find this shocking, that when I speak to liberal friends and there’s a lot of good work to be done by all of us, liberals, Republicans, conservatives, in cities, communities, everybody. But when they talk about Bush, it is hate. ‘I hate him,’ and I have yet to hear Republicans say, ‘I hate Obama.’ I dislike him. I don’t trust him. I disagree with him. But it’s a way of relating to people. It’s all or none. I hate you or love you.

RUSH: Look, that’s my point. You’re dealing with people here who are emotionally unhinged. Their engagement in politics is emotional to begin with. How do you argue with emotion?

CALLER: You can’t.

RUSH: There are people who love reprobates. You can try to talk them out of it and it only drives them closer to them.

CALLER: It does, Rush.

RUSH: There are people who love serial rapists.

CALLER: Oh, shocking.

RUSH: There are people who live with a spouse that beats them up. Now, we’ve got Battered Liberal Syndrome going on here, and we’ve had it going on for a long time, and what’s governing these people right now is something you can’t argue with and you can’t persuade. There is no reason… I’m going to say this. There is no reason for a Jewish person who really cares about Israel to be voting for Barack Obama. There just isn’t! But I have a lot of liberal Jewish friends that can’t wait to vote for the guy, ’cause they don’t think it’s going to be that bad. They’re feeling, ‘Oh, he’s not that bad.’ They just hate Bush. And it really, in this state, it boils down to going back to 2000.

These people, remember, they had to go see psychiatrists in 2004 when John Kerry lost. Battered Election Syndrome or something. They created a name for it down there in Ft. Lauderdale. So you can’t argue with emotion. If somebody likes country music and you don’t, you can’t talk ’em out of it. You know, emotion’s emotion. You either love something or you don’t; you love somebody or you don’t. You can warn ’em, and you might create some doubts, but it’s still not… When you go at somebody this unhinged emotionally with substance, and even if you go at ’em with incredulity, the basis of, ‘I can’t believe you’re this stupid,’ that’s just going to drive them further to Obama.

If you say anything that makes them think that you’re calling them stupid (which they are, but) if you say that and make them think that they are dealing… We’re dealing with some of the greatest collective ignorance ever to be assembled in humanity in my lifetime in this country, and it’s the most expensive commodity that we have: sheer, unadulterated, undiluted, purebred, thoroughbred ignorance. It’s all on the Democrat side, the vast majority. We’ve got our share of ignoramuses, but we try to keep ’em away. We don’t hoist ’em up and try to build a political movement… We do, too. (laughing) Forget that. Sorry. But you get my drift here. You’re making a mistake here. Look, I’m not a psychiatrist. I don’t play one on TV, but I have found the simplest way — it’s not always effective, doesn’t always work, but the simplest way — is to agree with these people. Just tell ’em what they’re voting for.

‘Oh, yeah! I can’t wait — I can’t wait! — ’til we abandon Israel.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Yeah, and, you know what? I can’t wait ’til he shuts down the coal industry!’ Do it enthusiastically. ‘I can’t wait ’til he raises our energy prices! I can’t wait ’til he raises my taxes. It’s unfair I’m not taxed as much as I should be.’

You know, when you agree with them — and do it in a unbelievable way — that’s the most effective way of reminding them what they’re doing. But even at that, they have this body armor. They got this walls of resistance, these cocoons that these people live in, and it’s hard to permeate. It really is. We do our best here. We do our best. Twenty years of it, folks. Can I say this? Can I say this? Yes, I can say this because, A, it’s my program; and, B, it’s my microphone. Where do you think we would be in this election if there were no talk radio, if there were no New Media? Where do you think we would be? If all we had was the traditional Drive-Bys, where do you think we’d been the last 20 years? They’d have gotten away with the House Bank Scandal. The Republicans would not have won the House in 1994. We can’t be blamed for when Republicans screw it up. But think of where we would be. Imagine Obama gets all this coverage that he’s gotten and there’s no alternative to it. We wouldn’t even be talking about showing up to vote. They would declare the election over. Save a lot of money and just, say, ‘Okay, Obama, you’re president.’ It would be overwhelming.


RUSH: You know, it’s fascinating to me, a lot of women calling don’t like Barry. I think these Hillary babes out there, I think there’s a dirty little secret waiting to happen. You know the old thing about a woman scorned. They don’t forget, and they think they got royally shafted by Obama, starting in Iowa and the Democrat Party and the superdelegates. They are out there and I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you what, if Obama wins this tomorrow, the biggest loser is herself, Hillary ‘Rodman’ Clinton. She is the biggest loser ’cause it’s over. No sculpture on Mount Rushmore, no first female picture on the dollar bill or whatever denomination they want to go.

Helen in Waynesboro, Virginia. Hi, welcome to the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hi, Rush.

RUSH: Hey.

CALLER: First-time caller. I have a couple pieces of information that I think would be useful to your audience. And I hope they’re useful. As a daughter of a Ukrainian from years ago and as one who came over through Ellis Island after the Second World War, my father used to call this country, the country of last hope, okay? Number one. Number two, I want to share with you something, because under Nikita Khrushchev, ten million Ukrainians were killed in the Ukraine. And he used to say, in fact he said in 1963 also, and I still remember him pounding his shoe on the podium there, I saw the clip on the TV, but he said, quote, unquote, ‘the proletariat,’ meaning the working class, ‘the working class is the undertaker of capitalism.’ And my mother always said, I mean my dad fought against the Bolsheviks, then there were the Nazis, and then when the Russian communists were coming through and they were saying ‘give me your guns’ and they were saying ‘what is mine is mine, and what is yours is mine, too.’

RUSH: Let me ask you —

CALLER: He said that’s it, and we came over.

RUSH: Do you think that’s going to happen here?

CALLER: Yes. ‘Cause I’ll tell you, my father is very, very intelligent, he was a civil engineer, and he used to say Hellenka, Hellenka, I don’t fear for you or your children, but I fear for your grandchildren. And like Khrushchev said, they’re not gonna beat us, they’re not going to bring communism or socialism —

RUSH: Yeah, I know, they’re going to —

CALLER: — they’re going to do it economically.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: And that’s what’s happening. And people need to start thinking, this is not an issue against women or men or black or white, this is an issue of freedom, of capitalism. They need to think with their heads, not with their hearts. It doesn’t matter what man or woman is going to be president, we need to espouse the ideals of freedom for which this country was populated for.

RUSH: Well, of course that’s the question. We’ll find out in less than 30 hours how many people want to give up their freedom for what they think is going to be some version of a carefree utopia. We’ll find out, and we’ll deal with the result after it happens.

Barbara, San Francisco, welcome to the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. I’m concerned. Obama, two years ago, when he started this election process, he said that he was going to bring the country together, we’re all going to — you know, cat and dog and white and black, and everybody was going to be happy.

RUSH: Don’t forget, oceans are going to recede, too.

CALLER: Everybody’s going to have a fish in every pot and everybody’s going to have a Cadillac in every driveway. I’m afraid that we’re so close to another civil war right now. You got family members that are mad at one another because one agrees with one and the other agrees with the other. I got coworkers I can’t talk to anymore because I’m a Republican and they’re a Democrat, and they think this guy is talking all the good stuff, even though, you know, they’re making a bundle of money here.

RUSH: Well, see, the there’s fear on our side, and anger and rage on their side.

CALLER: They’re talking about riots if this guy doesn’t get elected, even if he get the elected there’s going to be riots. How’s he going to bring us all together?

RUSH: He’s not going to bring us all together. He doesn’t even want to bring us all together. He wants to wipe out the Republican Party. he can’t even make his wife happy. He can’t make his preacher happy. He can’t unify any of these people. Everybody around this guy hates, hates, hates. Bill Ayers hates America; Jeremiah Wright hates America; his wife hated America, didn’t like it; he doesn’t like America. This is the most unhappy group of unified people I’ve ever seen.

CALLER: What’s going to happen, though, what happened to civility? You can’t even talk to somebody about this stuff without them turning just red faced mad.

RUSH: Well, if they win, it’ll be a little different. Then they’re going to start gloating, then they’re going to rub you wrong by gloating and so forth, then they’re going to say you don’t matter.

CALLER: This isn’t gonna work this way. We send our kids to these schools —

RUSH: Look, look, let me tell you something. We had two candidates talking unity in their own way. We had McCain, he’s just out there just now, ‘I’ve walked across the aisle.’ I’m zipping my lip, 30 more hours. Thirty hours. Zipping my lip, where is all this? Where is all this goodwill that’s supposed to have resulted from all this? Where is all of Obama’s unity and love and harmony and the angels descending from on high singing Gloria, hallelujah? Where the hell is it? It isn’t there. You are exactly right. We’re a Balkanized country. We have the American left to thank for this. The American left has sought to pit groups of people against one another, on purpose, for this very objective. Barbara, thanks for the call. I appreciate it. The last three calls here, it has really brought home to me, there is fear, there is anger out there. Look, Cookie just sends me a note, ‘Please stay calm. Worried about you.’ Don’t worry about me. I’m worried about you people.

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