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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. We’ll start out, just at the top of the list. This is this morning on Squawk Box on CNBC. Joe Kernen, Carl Quintanilla and Becky Quick discussing a possible Obama win, and then Joe Kernan, one of the hosts says, ‘Well, who wins if Obama wins?’

QUICK: Limbaugh has done better when there are Democrats in — around, right?

KERNAN: Right! So Limbaugh… He just signed a new deal.

QUICK: Right!

KERNAN: What happens to the left? What happens…? Is Air America still on?

RUSH: This is just laughable. People still ask me this in person. Last night at the football game, ‘You’re secretly hoping, right? It would be good for you if Obama wins, right?’ No. My job is to acquire the largest audience I can and hold for as long as I can, regardless who’s in office. There’s always going to be liberals running around trying to destroy the country. But these people think that I only succeeded because of the election of Bill Clinton. I’m not even going to bother refuting it anymore. You’ve heard it over and over again. It’s just BS, but this is an example of their template and how once they thought something either in the Nexis database or in their narrative or template, you can’t get it out, no matter how many times you tell them personally. The NFL Network, NFL Total Access, correspondent Scott Hanson reported on the celebrity at last night’s game.

HANSON: Well, yeah, news about all the celebrities in town for this game. We’ve seen Rush Limbaugh so far. The commissioner, Roger Goodell is here as well, and the fans starlight to file in. It should be a great atmosphere, perfect, crisp fall night for football here just outside of the nation’s capital.

RUSH: I didn’t even see these guys and their camera crew. I saw all kinds of media people there as well. And now I’m a celebrity. I’m not a celebrity. I’m a powerful, influential member of the media! You don’t see me in People magazine. (interruption) Don’t give me that, Snerdley. Celebrity? Celebrity? I’m not a celebutard. You don’t see me in People magazine or Us Weekly or OK magazine or whatever it is. (interruption) What? What were you saying? It’s the day before the election. I guess. Anyway, Whoopi Goldberg on The View, this was this morning. (interruption) What? No, no. Once again, this is what happens if Obama wins.

GOLDBERG: If Obama wins, late night talk show hosts will be short on material and conversation. I’m sorry — conservatives like Rush Limbo (sic) will have a field day. Now, what are we going to do?

WALTERS: Yeah! We can always go back to sex.

RUSH: That was Barbara Walters, ‘We can always go back to sex.’ She’s probably right, ladies and gentlemen, about the late night comics. They will not make fun of Obama. They just will not. They will not have the guts to make fun of Obama. Rush Limbaugh will have a field day. Yeah, I’m going to have a field day watching this guy destroy the United States of America. I resent this. I resent the notion I’m going to have a field day, that all this is about ratings and all of this is about. Yeah, I want Obama to win. Secretly I want Obama to win. ‘Limbaugh wants Obama to win. His numbers are going to skyrocket.’ This just is absurd. I’ll tell you those four years of Clinton, some of them, those eight years, I was not happy. I was miserable. (interruption) What did they say? I mean, I listened to it. (interruption) Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm. All right. Right. Ohhhh. I see what you mean. They’re saying I’m the opposition and the opposition is going to get even stronger. They’re saying that I’m the leader of the opposition, and as a leader of the opposition I’m going to get stronger because I’ll be the opposition voice. I get it; I get it. Barbara Walters on The View then said this.

WALTERS: If Obama wins, the conservatives, like Rush Limbaugh and Fox, they’ve gotta head start because they’ve got someone they can pounce on every day. It’s harder. You know, it’s good if you’re the opposition, if you’re opposite the person who wins, you got material. If you’re for the person who wins, it’s much tougher, and all these talking heads we’ve been hearing about for two and a half years, where they going to go?

BEHAR: They’ll get real jobs.

RUSH: They’re worried about some of these lib talkers in their various places. You know, my philosophy, let me explain. Here’s the way to look at this. If Obama wins, Whoopi Goldberg is still insane. If Obama wins, Joy Behar is still unhinged and demented. They all are. I mean, if Obama wins, the liberals are still going to be liberals — and look it, when they win elections, they’re dangerous. They’re always funny, but they’re dangerous when they win elections.

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