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RUSH: Now, ladies and gentlemen, I want to tell you what to look for. I’ll tell you what I’m looking for today. In the first place I’m getting all kinds of reports from all over the country about turnout, and in some places it’s low. For example, the Upper West Side of Manhattan, no lines whatsoever, which is unusual. My spy for the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I mean that’s Moscow, folks, Moscow on the Hudson, the Upper West Side of Manhattan, and you would figure there would be lines out the wazoo up there to vote for Obama, but my spy, ‘There were long lines in 2004, there weren’t any lines today.’ I’m not making anything up, by the way, you can’t, because I’ve got another spy out in Kansas who just went to vote and had to come home because the lines are too long in Kansas. He said, ‘These are not Obama voters in Kansas.’ Oh, yeah? They elected Sebelius. Don’t tell me they’re not Obama voters. And then I got another spy in southern Connecticut. No lines in southern Connecticut, and there usually are huge lines. But in Queens the lines are incredibly long. Here in Palm Beach, there were 242 people waiting at seven o’clock this morning. I think the problem is they got another new ballot here in Florida, and even the rich can’t figure it out.

Obama took 15 minutes to vote. I’m sure he was looking for the box marked ‘present,’ and couldn’t find it. Fifteen minutes to vote, I mean, he’s showboating out there. And, by the way, he showed up within minutes of Bill Ayers and Farrakhan. They all vote in the same place! Oh, yeah, Ayers, he’s just a guy I knew that lives in the neighborhood. (laughing) All right. Here’s what I’m looking for, folks, based on past experience. I’m urging you again today to ignore what you see if you watch television. Just ignore it. They are in the tank; the election is over. The latest and final Battleground Poll came out just this morning, and it has Obama plus 1.9. Now, the IBD/TIPP poll that came out late yesterday has Obama up seven or eight, but I got a little graphic here, and it’s amazing. The Battleground Poll, which is the bipartisan poll, in four recent elections, nailed it, and they’ve got Obama up plus 1.9. Now, these are not state by state breakouts. But I think, you know, in normal days the first wave of exit polling hits about two o’clock and then there’s another wave at five.

I’m not sure this year if there’s going to be a first wave of exit polling at two o’clock. But regardless, whatever you hear from anybody about the first wave or the second wave of exit polls, ignore it, particularly those of you in the Central, Mountain, and western time zones, pay no attention to it. We know from past experience, it is Democrats, and this year, too. People have already been polled, ‘Are you going to participate in exit polls?’ Democrats, by a 20% margin over Republicans say, yeah. We’ve got a lot of people, the PUMAs, these are the women that are angry. PUMA stands for Party Unity My… Butt. And these are the woman that are mad that Hillary got screwed by Barry and the gang in the Democrat Party, and they’re out there, and they’re urging people to lie to the exit pollsters and say they voted for Obama. This is problematic, because there are a lot of groups, ‘We ought to go out and lie to the pollsters, Operation Chaos, Rush, just lie to pollsters and say you voted for Obama.’ The reason they want this to happen is because they want the Drive-Bys to get their exit polls and think Obama is running away with this worldwide landslide, only to find out later it isn’t true. But the problem with doing this is that they’re going to report this, and they’re going to report it, and remember in 2004 the first wave came at two o’clock and I’m sitting here, and of course as a powerful, influential member of the media I receive exit polling data, but I do not subscribe.

I have inside sources. I saw this stuff, Kerry winning here, Kerry winning there, Florida, Ohio, and before I went off the air at three o’clock, I said, ‘This doesn’t make sense,’ the margins here were just over the top, and we later found out that it was a bunch of Democrat female operatives who had come out of polling places and were telling the exit pollsters, and this created this massive perception of a landslide for the haughty John Kerry, who served in Vietnam. But I guess it did not suppress voter turnout in 2004, but I worry about that when people do this kind of thing. Now, the Democrats are trying to steal the election in Virginia and Pennsylvania as we speak. The McCain campaign has filed suit in Virginia. Now, this is a big snafu and it’s about military ballots. Military ballots are not being allowed because they came in too late, they arrived after the date, so McCain is suing for a ten-day extension. The problem here, though, is the Pentagon sent them out late, and so who’s in the Pentagon? We know that the Pentagon’s populated, as is the CIA and the State Department with a bunch of career liberals put in there by Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and so forth, and George W. Bush didn’t clean ’em out of there, and so it is a mess.

In Pennsylvania — and in my opinion Pennsylvania is a state to keep a sharp eye on — I fully expect this afternoon, sometime tonight, that the Drive-Bys are going to call Pennsylvania erroneously for Obama. They already think Pennsylvania is in the bag, but they’re cheating out the wazoo. Fast Eddie Rendell has been worried about this for the longest time. The polling numbers in Pennsylvania for Obama have never been through the roof, he lost Pennsylvania by ten points to Hillary in the primaries. The same people that voted against him are going to vote against him again because they’re the bitter clingers, the people that he insulted. The stuff I’m reading out of Philadelphia right now is reminiscent of what we saw in Iraq during their first free elections, sort of like voting in a war zone out there. I think they ought to give people a little purple ink and put it on their fingertips to show they successfully voted. Voting in Philadelphia could end up being a badge of honor today. But we cannot allow intimidation and bullying to succeed, or it’s going to happen and happen again.

If you want, go out and find an Obama button and go in there and vote McCain-Palin. I mean that’s the safest way to get in and out of a polling place in Philadelphia today. Find an Obama button and of course don’t take a shower, and have your hair a little bit unkempt, you know, look like your average miserable liberal Democrat, show up there with your Obama button and head in there and vote for McCain-Palin. Or, if you don’t want to go to that trouble go out to the nearest Army surplus, get a flak jacket and run in there and do that. Now, the effort to steal Pennsylvania — it’s hard to keep up with — here are some problems being reported already. Precinct 5, Urban Defense League, 725 North 6th Street, multiple reports. Holy Family University, Frankfurt and Grand Avenue. Precinct 46 at 47th and Locust. 12th and Cambria, Cayuga School. Precinct 46 on Pine Street, multiple reports of problems voting there. Precinct 61, 201 East Olney Avenue, Ward 60, Division 4. This is eight specific reports, Pennsylvania turning into one of the major voting problem hot spots in the election, according to something called the Committee of Seventy. And it’s happening in Pennsylvania because this is a key state.

If McCain wins Ohio and Pennsylvania… and, you know, they’re close in makeup. Some people are arguing today that Pennsylvania has essentially become a red state even though there are a million more Democrats registered there. It really is going to be a fascinating state to watch, as will Virginia be a fascinating race to watch. The exit polls are gonna come out and they’re going to be heavily favored toward Obama, the media wants it to be that way, the reporting of the early wave of exit polls will be intended to affect you as all reporting of polls has been intended to affect you throughout the election, and that is to dispirit you and to depress you and to get you just thinking it’s over and you’re not even going to vote, particularly those of you in the Central and Mountain, Pacific time zones as the day wears on. Chuck Schumer, we have seen the audio of this coming up, was on Fox News this morning, and he defended the Democrat goal of implementing the Fairness Doctrine. He said that the government controls the showing of pornography so they should have the right to control talk radio. I tell you, the arrogance and the condescension these people are taking into the election today is breathtaking to behold.

Here is the Los Angeles Times today: ‘America is Jittery as Election’s Outcome Draws Near.’ I read this story and I can summarize this for you. Obama supporters are on edge, and they’re about to lose it. Obama supporters are irritable. Obama supporters are bursting out in tears in various part of the country. ‘I’ve been freaking out all day. I keep having these horrible flashbacks to . . . four years ago, when Bush was reelected. It was the most devastating day of my life,’ said somebody named Fellbusch, who worked for Kerry in 2004. They quote these people all over the place. ‘Zachary Paul Sire, a freelance writer from Huntington Beach, dubbed the condition ‘Election Obsessive Compulsive Disorder’ on his blog. The 31-year-old Obama supporter estimated he has spent at least 10 hours a day monitoring blogs, television and polls since the party conventions this summer. ‘I genuinely feel nervous,’ Sire said. ‘I’m not being able to sleep, not eating as much or eating at strange hours of the day, being irritable toward the people I live with.” They’re just on edge, these Obama supporters are just nervous as they can be. Some of them are just breaking out in tears. Why would this be the case if indeed, ladies and gentlemen, this is such a massive landslide?


RUSH: The networks are going to call the election before some of you have voted. That’s in the template. They cannot wait. If they think they’ve got Obama up to 270 electoral votes, whenever that happens, they are going to project him the winner. It is thought by some that they may have to redo this, that they may make some mistakes because they go so early. Now, people keep asking me, ‘Rush, what’s your gut telling you today?’ Here’s what my gut’s telling me today, and it actually has been telling me this for a few more days than just today. Something finally struck me. I’ve been talking to those of you that have called this program for all these many months of this election — and when I’m out and about, circulating in public, it’s the same thing.

We know that there are millions of Americans who want no part of an Obama administration and presidency. We know that there are millions of Americans who are scared. We know that there are millions of Americans who are genuinely in fear over what will happen to their country should Obama win and the Democrats have 60 seats in the Senate. And yet, not one media report on this aspect of the American electorate. Not one! To the extent that we have had media reports of people are afraid, it’s like that garbage I just read to you from the Los Angeles Times. Obama supporters, they’re the ones who are afraid because ‘the Republicans will steal the election again,’ when the theft is taking place before our eyes right now in Virginia and in Pennsylvania; particularly Philadelphia, and probably a lot of other places as well.

We know ACORN has been out there. We know that ACORN has infested Ohio, and who knows how many other states. So there is a large number — millions and millions and millions of Americans — who are not going to vote Obama, who have no desire to vote Obama, who are going to show up today and vote either for McCain or against Obama, and the media is not even aware of them. I firmly believe that. I think the media’s template and their vision is so narrow. They go out and they see these McCain-Palin rallies, and they see all these people show up, and they chalk it up to celebrity. They chalk it up to anything but genuine affection either for McCain or Palin or their policies or what have you.

We also have the phenomenon that these kinds of people are not understood by the media in the first place, and that’s why reporters have been making up stories such as people at a McCain-Palin rally saying, ‘Kill him,’ about Obama, when it was the reporter who probably said it because the reporter is the only one who heard it! I think that rally was in Pennsylvania where that happened. So my point is the media… They know we’re out there, don’t misunderstand. This is sort of a fine line. We joke they need visas to go to the Midwest like it’s a foreign country to cover people in flyover country. They are so obsessed and so focused on the historic nature of putting Obama over the top, that they are not aware. This is why I think the possibility for these people to be stunned by what they see when the actual votes are counted today is pretty high.

I think the odds are high, and I think that it is possibly going to be profound. ‘Cause we know, and you know as well, how angry you are and some of you how frightened you are. You also know that the media has not talked to you about it, people that are fearful of an Obama presidency — other than Joe the Plumber, and look what they did to him. Joe the Plumber goes out and says what he says about an Obama presidency, and the media aids and abets state officials in Ohio investigating him with government computers trying to shut him down! I guarantee you, there are millions of people in this country who see that Barack Obama has an aunt living in a slum and hear him talk about he’s his brother’s and sister’s keeper, and he wants to equalize everybody in society, and they look at his family.

This does not compute! It’s the same thing with the brother living in the ‘Hut, Sweet Hut’ over in Kenya. So I think when we start talking battleground states here, just a few hundred thousand votes showing up or switching to McCain would do the trick here. I’m not talking about a hundred thousand votes in every state. I mean in the aggregate. Just a hundred thousand votes could tip some of these battleground states and shock the world — and that’s why you people must vote! Despite what you hear in the media today and despite all of the tone of this coverage, when the exit polls first start being dumped and reported — and when the first states start being called, if it’s before polls have closed where you live — ignore it! James Pethokoukis at US News & World Report:

‘For what it is worth, here is why John McCain just might pull it out today… 1) The new Battleground Poll has him down by 1.9 percentage points,’ as I said, ‘2) internal McCain polls show him gaining fast or leading in key states,’ and that’s been the case for the past couple days, ‘3) the stock market is up today.’ Everybody is trying to figure that out, and I have no way of explaining that. I’ve had people say, ‘The market’s worried about Obama winning, and the market’s going up. What do they know that we don’t know?’ I don’t know what they know. I don’t know what they’re reacting to. It could just be reacting that this is about over. Because there are a lot of people that just want this to be over, and Mr. Pethokoukis — well, also I’m going to throw in there, number four. ‘Karl Rove picked Obama,’ and that’s a good sign that McCain might win. (chuckles) I don’t know about that. But those are the four reasons that he includes.


RUSH: Let me give you another state that’s going to be close. Colorado is going to be close. The early voting polling numbers are very, very close. Ignore the polls out of Colorado today if you live there. Colorado is also very close. And this was targeted way, way back this spring as a battleground state, a new battleground state; a new battleground state to add to the list. Tim Russert is the one who actually focused on Colorado, and by the way, there’s a mining industry in Colorado that Obama wants to ‘bankrupt.’ There are a lot of people now focusing on Colorado. But the polls there, just ignore ’em. The problem is we have a genuine crisis, a constitutional crisis in this country, because there’s one business empowered with a constitutional role. It’s the media, and they have abrogated it.

We don’t know what to believe from these people anymore. We just don’t know what to believe! Whether it’s global warming, whether it’s politics, whether it’s the way they report on cultural things, the best thing to do is ignore them. Because they are advocates now. They are shills. They are hacks, and they get away with — in too many people’s minds now — operating as though they are disinterested and objective, and it’s not the case.


RUSH: What I tried to say at the beginning of the program is I am not worried about Virginia and Pennsylvania. I am telling you that it’s going to be reported the opposite, I’m telling you that all this stuff about fraud in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania — and, by the way, we got some sound bites coming up of the Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philadelphia. We’re working on that now. The reason all this is going on is because it’s been a myth that Obama was gonna win Pennsylvania. He has never won Pennsylvania! He didn’t win it in the primaries! He lost Pennsylvania by ten. We’ve been inundated with all this talk about Virginia and northern Virginia and all these people are going to vote Obama, but why is he spending so much time there? You know, it’s interesting, if you go out, if you look at where the candidates have been and look at the media reporting — for example, Obama went back to Iowa, just as I, El Rushbo, predicted. And you know why they said? ‘Well, he’s trying to stretch his lead.’

Bull! Bull bleep! Stretch his lead, my sizable rear end. Stretch his lead? And then they said it was a pit stop. He went in there Friday, too, it was a pit stop on the way home to go trick-or-treating with the kids. There’s disconnect here, it’s absolutely absurd. You look at McCain and Palin, they practically lived in Pennsylvania. Palin did. McCain’s been over in Ohio. Why? If there’s no hope there, I mean McCain and Obama are the ones running for president, not Tom Brokaw and Charlie Rose, and not all these other wizards of smart who are telling us why all this is happening. The people who are running for president are the ones that are doing things to try to win. McCain, Palin spending all this time in Pennsylvania and Ohio just to lose? They got the news in Michigan and they pulled out. They didn’t go back to Michigan, did they? Didn’t spend a lot of time, but they did spend time in Virginia, in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Why? Something must have told them that there was a good reason to do that. And, by the way, for awhile Obama was shadowing them all over the place in these places. Virginia and Pennsylvania, there are so many myths about this election. The Drive-Bys, I tell you, they have their templates, and you can’t talk ’em out of it.

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