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RUSH: I get a bunch of e-mails, ‘Rush! Rush! You never updated us. Did you actually buy that woman from Texas a car?’ Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I can announce it. Her name is Belinda from Kerrville, Texas. She and her husband, the first thing they said was… Well, I only had one restriction: They had to buy a GM car. They had to pick a GM car out, and that I would pay for it. You remember her. She called up last week. I said, ‘Hey, this is Belinda from Kerrville, Texas!’ She said, ‘Hiiiii.’ Just distraught, just on the last legs, had been working all night. At two in the afternoon she thought it was still early in the morning. She and her husband were striving against the odds to save their little small business. So, I said, ‘Just go out and get some Zicam and I’ll buy you a car.’

I was trying to get her to use Zicam. I thought she had a cold. So she finally went out and picked one. She said, ‘I’ll pick one that I would normally buy.’ I said, ‘No, pick what you want. As long as it’s a GM car, pick what you want.’ So she finally picked a green Chevy Tahoe. She picked a green Chevy Tahoe. I don’t think it’s a hybrid. I’m not sure if she got the hybrid or not, but I do know that she drove off the lot with it yesterday. She and her husband have a brand-new green Chevy Tahoe, and the Kerrville, Texas, paper had been running stories on this. It’s the cutest thing. It is just the cutest thing. So they were just… They didn’t believe it.

They were ecstatic, and the dealership let ’em have the car before the wire had arrived. The dealership said, ‘Oh, we heard this. We heard about this, and we know if anybody’s good for it, old Rush is.’ (laughing) In these credit times, they let the woman and her husband drive off with the Chevy Tahoe before my payment had arrived in the wire transfer. Now, that is credit. That, ladies and gentlemen, is credit. And we’re not far away from the Chevy Volt that’s due to roll out in 2010. It’s a glimpse of what’s to come. It’s going to change the way people drive their cars. It’s a reinvention of the automobile. You plug it into your normal outlet in your garage and charge it up. It’s eagerly anticipated by a lot of people.

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