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RUSH: Here’s Kathy in Weymouth, Massachusetts. It’s nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Here in Massachusetts today, we have Question One, which is an end to state taxes.

RUSH: Income tax, state income tax.

CALLER: Right, which is going to put $3,000 back in all of the taxpayers’ pockets, which is going to be fantastic.

RUSH: Yeah, but it’s interesting, too, that would rid — correct me if I’m wrong. The number I read here that they repeal the income tax, that the state loses something like $12 1/2 billion dollars a year. That seems low. Is it more than that? But whatever, it’s a large amount of money the state would lose.

CALLER: Right. But I’m all for it. I don’t like the way they spend our money. But Governor Patrick has already gone and cut things starting two weeks ago — and what he cut was programs for the disabled, the blind, the deaf; and he eliminated programs that help recipients of public assistance find jobs to become self-sufficient; and I thought, ‘Wow, isn’t that just wonderful. I mean I’m sure him and Obama, you know, they’re both very compassionate people, but I just couldn’t believe he already cut those things.’

RUSH: This is how it works.


RUSH: I’m glad you called on this because we here in Florida have recently undergone similar type behavior from the dim-witted city fathers from the various local communities here. There have been property tax cuts or rumors or desires of cutting property taxes. So what happens then, when these local communities fear that they’re going to lose increased property tax revenue, they start bellyaching and caterwauling about all the ‘services’ they’re going to have to cut and they start talking about, ‘We may have to close the fire station, and we may have to fire half the police force!’ and then, of course, ‘and we might even have to reduce the number of school buses and the distances they can travel,’ and by that time, all the parents say, ‘We’re not cutting the property tax. We will not stand for it,’ because they know that if you go out and tell a certain number of people that ‘essential services…’ They will never cut the money they spent protecting certain kind of plants along the bike path! They will never cut the money they spend feeding themselves at lunch or what have you. They will never remove or cut somebody from the public staff. They always go to ‘essential services.’ I’m not surprised that your governor, the first thing he did, ‘All right, well, we’re closing all services for the blind. You’re on your own out there, and if a bus hits you, blame the people that voted to get rid of the income tax.’ (laughing)

CALLER: Exactly. We have Proposition 2 1/2, so they can’t do anything about property taxes here. And our legislature, of course —

RUSH: But you know something?

CALLER: — is going crazy.

RUSH: You know something? Your state is like New York. None of this matters. The Supreme Court told your legislature to legalize gay marriage.

CALLER: Oh, please.

RUSH: Right? In New York, Mayor Bloomberg said, ‘To hell with term limits! I’m writing a new law myself. The city council is going to approve it, aren’t you, city council?’ ‘Yes, Mr. Mayor.’ So he’s getting booed all over the place because the people voted in term limits, but it’s ‘such a desperate time.’

CALLER: Well, our legislature is so panicked that about a week or two weeks ago one of our state senators, Senator Dianne Wilkerson was found stuffing money into her bra, hundred-dollar bills because of an alleged selling of liquor licenses.

RUSH: Yeah, yeah, yeah. There was something funny about that that I saw.

CALLER: It was at the Fill-A-Buster restaurant.

RUSH: Yeah, but it was the excuse that she gave, or it was the excuse that people gave for her.

CALLER: Oh, pitiful. Awful.

RUSH: I forget. She was unhappy with the way she was naturally endowed. This really wasn’t about the money.

CALLER: (laughing) No, she’s very endowed.

RUSH: Is she?

CALLER: So that’s not a problem.

RUSH: All right. Well, I forget what it was, but the excuses that they made for her on this were just laughable. By the way, she’s still running for office after being caught red-handed!

CALLER: She’s a write-in candidate because the people in her district — Democrat, Republican, neither one wanted her. So she’s a write-in candidate, and of course she’s not going to win. But Governor Patrick has been for her and has done some commercials for her.

RUSH: Well, of course!

CALLER: Of course.

RUSH: If a woman starts stuffing hundred-dollar bills inside her bra, that means that Governor Patrick can go in and stuff his hands inside the bra and get the bills himself. Once a politician allows hands under the bra, then any other politician, ‘Okay, there’s money in the bra! I’m going to go get the money,’ because that’s what they exist to do.

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