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“I resent the notion I’m going to ‘have a field day’ if Obama wins. Yeah, I’m going to have a field day watching this guy destroy the country.”

“Go out and find an Obama button to wear, but go in there and vote McCain-Palin; I mean, that’s the safest way to get in and out of a polling place in Philadelphia today. And, of course, don’t take a shower, have your hair a little bit unkempt — you know, look like your average miserable liberal Democrat.”

“It’s not possible for anything to grow ‘from the bottom up’ economically, Obama. If transfers of wealth made people rich, there wouldn’t be any welfare in this country.”

“Here’s the way to look at this: If Obama wins, Whoopi Goldberg is still insane. If Obama wins, Joy Behar is still unhinged and demented.”

“I feel like heading to the top of the Empire State Building and shouting this with the biggest megaphone I can find: ‘Obama’s Aunt Zeituni lives in a slum! And this is the guy with the biggest, most compassionate heart we’ve ever elected?'”

“Tammy, I’m terribly sorry. I apologize for my outburst when I saw this photo of Mrs. Clinton in natural light — something that we have not seen in 15 years.”

“I want to implore you to never abandon the idea of being the best you can be, regardless who’s running the country, because it’s people like you pursuing excellence that will give this country a chance to survive.”

“Rep. Jim Moran said, ‘Republicans have this simplistic notion that people who have wealth are entitled to keep it.’ That’s your Democrat Party. That’s Barack Obama. These guys want to tear up the Constitution and use it for toilet paper.”

“If you’re going to vote today in Philadelphia, let me tell you what the hope and change is: The hope is that you don’t get beat up by a Black Panther with a nightstick trying to vote against change.”

“Once a politician allows hands under the bra, then any other politician can say, ‘Okay, there’s money in the bra, and I’m going to go get the money.'”

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