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November 6, 2008

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In America today,the sun seems to be shining a little brighter; the birds are chirping happier melodies. The smell of spring has displaced Old Man Winter. In fact, winter will not come this year; its cold, harsh winds won’t chill the souls of men (or women).

The shackles of the past– which for so long have bound too many of us– have been shaken loose. And the process of rebuilding the conservative movement has begun. This is the rebirth of principled opposition. An opposition rooted in conviction; not opposition for opposition’s sake, or political expedience.

The road will be steep, but I know as a people we will get there:

•Can we oppose the idea that confiscatory taxation produces prosperity, when in fact it punishes economic growth? Yes, we can!
•Can we oppose the notion that our national greatness is derived from an ever-growing government– instead of the freedom from government our Founders envisioned? Yes, we can!
•Can we oppose the belief that one’s earnings must be redistributed for the false promise of fairness? Yes, we can!
•Can we oppose the belief that it is immoral to secure our own borders, or defend ourselves from terrorists intent on destroying us? Yes, we can!

Can we do all that and more? Yes, we can! Because nowit is plain for one and all to see: Taking the moderate path of appeasement leads to abysmal defeat.

Conservatives are free at last! Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last — to seek the mountaintop!

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