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Rush’s Morning Update: Blame
November 7, 2008

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While the Democrats bask in a prolonged Drive-By Media orgasm over the election results, Republicans– as expected– are in the opening stages of blame assessment and a circular firing squad.

Already, news stories are cropping up featuring Republican moderates from the McCain camp trashingSarah Palin’s selection– some laced with disgraceful personal attacks. President Bush, obviously, is in the crosshairs,too, as is the Congressional leadership team.

Let me address these things boldly, as I always do. You Republicans trying to destroy and vilify Governor Palinare the problem, not the solution. You are not the future of the party! The energy, excitement, and articulation of values that the Republican base connected with in thiscampaigncame from Governor Palin– not you.

Look at what happened. Democrat pickups in both the House and Senate came where the Democrat candidates ran on issues like fiscal responsibility, including tax cuts,support for free markets and trade,and protection of the Second Amendment –all traditional Republican issues. At the same time, look at that happened to so-called moderate Republicans. They got wiped outor are in races still too close to call. For those Republicans who thought pandering would lead to victory, askSenator McCainhow hedid with the Hispanic vote.

After a loss, recriminations and finger-pointing are inevitable. But this timewe conservatives are going to fix the blame squarely where it belongs –and it ain’t us.Be sure of it.

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