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RUSH: Man, things just keep falling into my lap here. Politicians of both parties unwittingly make me look like the genius I already am. Christopher Shays, moderate congressman from Connecticut who was sent packing on Tuesday, there are now no Republican members of the House from a northeastern state. So Christopher Shays decided to go on MSNBC and tell the Republican Party what it needs to do to win, after it just got wiped out. He was on with Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington. ‘We saw what happened to Sununu, had a lot of support, a lot of good marks in the Senate, but he couldn’t go against what was going on in New England as well as on the Senate side.’

SHAYS: Sue Collins had a terrific victory. She got more votes than Barack Obama, and she ran against a very competent opponent. So I think our party is going to do fine. Ultimately it’s going to figure it out, and it’s not that they weren’t conservative enough, maybe in some areas being fiscally conservative I would agree, but being socially conservative to religious right, no, you’re not going to be in the majority that way. You gotta reach out to African-Americans, you gotta reach out to Latinos, and you gotta be an inclusive party, and we aren’t right now, but we will be, or we will be extinct.

RUSH: I don’t know what to say to this, except good riddance. We just had our clocks cleaned. Congressman Shays just had his own clock cleaned. And this, by the way, typical Drive-By Media, you go to a Republican who lost and ask him how to win. He’s as moderate as a Republican could get and he lost. We didn’t reach out to Hispanics? Have you ever heard of amnesty? Have you ever heard of comprehensive immigration reform, meaningful, meaningful, comprehensive immigration — have you ever heard of that, Mr. Shays? We didn’t reach out to blacks? This is just typical Northeast elitist attitude, ‘We cannot win with the religious right. You’re not going to be in the majority that way.’ How the hell did we do it in the eighties? How the hell did we do it in 1994? So this is just classic. Go to a candidate who lost, ask him what the Republicans need to do to win. This guy is as moderate as you could get. He’s reaching across the aisle; he’s reaching out; he’s doing town meetings, swept away. In the midst of having the party’s clock cleaned, the architects of the clock cleaning are now telling us that we didn’t do what we did that got the clock cleaned in the first place, we need to do more of what we already did that got the clock cleaned!

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