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RUSH: Maya Angelou this afternoon on DNCTV. Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, was talking to Maya Angelou. ‘What was going through your mind Tuesday night as the returns were coming in?’

ANGELOU: I realized almost within a minute, I don’t have to apologize for my country when I’m abroad. I can say, ‘I belong to a great country,’ and there are Europeans who say, ‘Aren’t you glad to be here in France where we don’t have the racism you live under? Aren’t you glad you’re here in Britain?’ I mean, I’ve been on the defensive so long. But this time I can say, ‘I am an American, look at us, look at what we’ve just achieved.’ It is amazing.

RUSH: All right, this is liberalism. You elect a Democrat and the country is great, elect a Republican, the country’s evil. Politico has a story: ‘Democrats are talking about a permanent progressive majority.’ There is a quote: ‘This is the end of the conservative era.’ And, of course, there are people on our side who agree, the era of Reagan is over. They’re fooling themselves. You talk about thuggery, you talk about this, so we give a little piece, a little chance here to see what they’re gonna do. They’re already telling us what they’re gonna do. They’re gonna wipe us out, and we’re gonna wait ’til January to get in gear on it? Not here. More of Maya Angelou.

ANGELOU: Absolutely, I agree with Congressman Shays, it is a time now for the Republicans, the independents, the Democrats all to realize that we have to be inclusive as opposed to exclusive. And I appreciate President-Elect Obama who said, ‘Those of you who did not vote for me, I will be your president.’

RUSH: You appreciate that? All presidents are presidents of all the people. He also said he will listen to us, Madam Angelou, while plotting the reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine, da river, da rock, and da tree.


RUSH: One more Maya Angelou bite with Andrea Mitchell, NBC News, Washington. Maya Angelou said this about President Bush.

ANGELOU: Mrs. Mitchell, you know I knew — I didn’t vote for Mr. Bush, but I knew he was my president. He was my president for the last eight years. He didn’t know it. His role was to look after me, to protect me, black, me, female. To look after and care for my children and care for the white children, and the Asian children. And that’s why he has the title.

RUSH: Da river, da rock, and da tree. This is an example of blithering idiocy. Maya Angelou, ‘He was my president for the last eight years. He didn’t know it. His role was to look after me, to protect me.’ Ms. Angelou, you’re alive, aren’t you? You didn’t have to commit suicide jumping out a window? You didn’t have a terrorist attack anywhere you happened to be. I know it’s not the president’s job to protect us individually, but a lot of people think it is. That’s why they voted Obama.

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