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Rush’s Morning Update: Practicality
November 10, 2008

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A recent article in Congressional Quarterly examines the best way for Republicans to “repackage” their agenda. Thankfully, many elected Republicans are embracing a theme that “the problem is not conservative principles” –but rather how poorly Republicans practiced conservative principles once they got to Washington.

Others view “the problem” differently. Former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson believes it is time for Republicans to reconsider their “ideological rigidity.” Thompson says we have to be “more practical” while rebuilding the party. As evidence, he points to the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, S-CHIP. The fact that Republicans didn’t accommodate Democrats will haunt us, claims Thompson, because now– with Democrats in power– S-CHIP will be expanded more than it would have been under Republicans.

There’s no doubt that Democrats will expand the size and scope of government; that’s what liberals do. Our role is to oppose them tooth and nailbecause the country benefits when we thwart liberals –not when we emulate themor try to present watered-down liberalism as an alternative.

Governor Thompson– with all due respect– when Republicans had power, they tried the “practical” approach. The “new tone”? They practically grew the size of government as if they were Democrats… which is why they’re now on the outside, looking in.

“Ideological rigidity” isnot the problem; conservative ideology is the solution! We refuse, sir, to repeat past mistakes. We are going to correct them!

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