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RUSH: Calypso Louis sound bites before we have to get out of here, just as a tease for tomorrow. This was Sunday morning in Chicago at his mosque, and he was decked out, man. He had the fez on and the flowing red robes.

FARRAKHAN: This desire for change is a desire that has intensified in America and throughout the world because of the failure of governments to adequately address the needs of the people under their rule.

RUSH: He may have a point there, but he doesn’t know it.

FARRAKHAN: The only politician, to my knowledge, that came close to having this effect on people was Senator Robert Kennedy in his bid to become president of the United States.

RUSH: Now, I remember that. I think Kennedy did captivate the country, but not like JFK. These guys are reliving Camelot here. They’re trying to rebirth Camelot is what’s going on here. Here’s one more bite from Calypso Louis Sunday in his mosque.

FARRAKHAN: He is a masterful organizer, and in his acceptance speech that night, he said, ‘We gotta organize block by block.’


FARRAKHAN: I believe President-Elect Obama is going to have to get everyone involved, because the job of helping him is not just with his cabinet, or Congress. The job of helping this nation out of its condition is a responsibility that everyone has something to do about.

RUSH: Well, here’s a guy who’s hearing Obama’s message that America is bad. There’s something terribly institutionally wrong with America. We gotta fix it. But Calypso Louis, I would ask you to go back and look at the tape. ‘Cause when Obama told everybody in that crowd, the hordes, that it was going to take sacrifice on the part of everybody, the people in that crowd got kind of perplexed. There were looks the puzzlement on their faces, and they said, ‘What is this ‘we,’ bro? I didn’t think ‘we’ were going to be doing any of the sacrificing.’ You could read that on their faces.

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