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RUSH: Yesterday on MSNBC’s New York Times Transition Edition (laughing) the cohost Tamron Hall interviewed Maureen Dowd of the New York Times. Tamron Hall said this.

HALL: I was in a car the other day with a gentleman from another country, and he said, ‘I just really feel the — the weather is better because of Barack Obama.’ He said, ‘I think he’s on the good side. Look at the weather as proof,’ and I pointed out that it was snowing and 34 degrees that day in Chicago and cold, but beyond the obvious black and white rhetoric which we seem to get caught up in a lot in the country, what about the impact overall? You hear people saying this is a good thing globally. Take us past the black and white that may be happening in Washington, DC, and talk about the global impact this could have.

RUSH: What a source to ask this question of Maureen Dowd of the New York Times. And here’s what she said.

DOWD: It’s almost like the whole W, my image is that he took the family station wagon and crashed into the globe. Then he backed it up and crashed into the economy, and at that point it was such a mess that they said, ‘Hey, let the black rookie have a chance. He can’t make it any worse,’ and already he’s made it better because already we feel this wonderful hope that perhaps things that are illegal like torture and domestic spying and Gitmo, you know, that these things can be rectified by a constitutional law professor.

RUSH: This is just insane. Maureen, you’re in the news business. Did you not read the AP-Obama yesterday celebrating the fact that many of these executive orders that guarantee the president the right to spy on the bad guys are going to remain in place because they will offer Obama flexibility in fighting the war on terror? I know she sounded like a complete idiot. She normally doesn’t sound like a complete idiot. She sounded like an idiot. Had this wonderful hope that perhaps things that are illegal — torture, domestic spying, Gitmo — what a narrow tunnel vision here. And, by the way, this economy, if it hadn’t been for George W. Bush, would have crashed five years ago, if it hadn’t been for the Bush economic policies. But, look, let’s talk about Gitmo for just a second because Obama does want to close it, and there are 250 really bad, bad guys at Club Gitmo. I mean these are the bottom of the barrel dregs. These are genuine human debris that are at Club Gitmo. The Democrats want to get them out of there and bring them to the United States for trial in the US court system, giving them full access to constitutional rights.

Now, let’s take this a little step further. Let’s go to the actual trial. Bring in one of these shreds of human debris, a trial in a US court has all kinds of requirements. The prosecution has to have evidence, there has to have been Miranda warnings, all these kinds of things. Can you imagine testimony from the defense and witnesses about what happened on the battlefield when this terrorist was nabbed, how his rights were denied him? And remember now, he’s in the US court system, he has access to US constitutional rights. I can see a jury acquitting, based on our judicial system, I can see a jury acquitting a whole bunch of these 250 dregs of society. Then, after they are acquitted, they are innocent, what do you do with them? Do you just let them stay in town? Do you let them stay in the country? Or do you kick ’em out? If you kick ’em out, on what basis? You just found that they’re not guilty. And on the other hand there are all kinds of people living here who do not have legal papers. No countries want these people back. You can’t send ’em back to where they’re from because where they’re from doesn’t want them. These are the dregs of society. We do not have 250 angels down at Club Gitmo. The legal team that’s going to be in charge of devising the strategery here is led by Harvard Professor Laurence Tribe, which is hardly governing from the center.


RUSH: All right, folks. We have to get a grip. We have to get a grip out there. Look, we survived four years of Jimmy Carter, and that was bad. We survived Lyndon Johnson and the Great Society and the war on poverty. I mean, we’re still paying for it, and it didn’t work, and it’s destroyed a whole lot of people’s lives in this country. But we’re still here and we’re still progressing and we’re still improving our lives, and we will still be able to do so. It’s just gonna take lot of work. Let me give you a quote. Samuel Adams: ‘It does not take a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.’ Now, what this means in the current context is, the assault that an Obama administration will make on liberty is precisely where we aim in trying to tell people what’s happening to them, why it’s happening, and how to change it and how to stop it.

Because I don’t care if you’re brown, black, green, from Mars; if you’re old, young, whatever: the one thing that every American believes in and will fight for is freedom. And when that freedom is under assault, particularly by a government, Americans will rally; and our freedom — if Obama is able to implement much what he has stated, much of what his past indicates, there will be great assaults on freedom. The government is already taking over a number of businesses, or at least getting their hands in them. That always leads to restrictions on freedom, and this is where the battle I think will be joined over the concept of liberty, over the concept of freedom. Now, we survived Jimmy Carter. We survived Lyndon Johnson. I mean, we even survived Watergate. That was — as far as the party was concerned — a debacle, and we came back much sooner after Watergate than anybody thought.

Now everybody is comparing the party plunge this year to the same thing that happened after Watergate. Okay, fine. The lesson from Watergate is you come back, and you can come back. When the going gets tough, people start working harder. The people that accept the responsibilities of life in this country will continue to be the ones that make the country work. There will be obstacles placed in the way, larger in some cases than ever before, but that will just inspire a lot of people to overcome them. That inspiration, by the way, will be forthcoming from this hallowed microphone (tapping mic) each and every day. ‘Cause we’re not going to sit around and let the institutions and traditions that have defined this country’s greatness simply be destroyed without any effort to stop it.

So right now it’s… I get kind of amused when I look at the way the media is covering this guy. I’ll tell you something else about Obama. You heard the concept. Remember when Donald Trump was in financial trouble, he couldn’t pay back all the loans at this point in time that he owed various banks? So the banks had to rewrite and redo the loans, because Trump was too big to fail. If they let Trump fail… That whole philosophy… It’s come back now — and, by the way, Trump paid it all back. He’s cool, fine, but that whole philosophy is operative now. ‘Citibank? Too big to fail. Big Three automakers? Too big to fail. American Express credit cards? Too big to fail.’ I don’t know about that, but I’ll tell you: as far as all they have invested in Obama, he’s too big to fail — and I’m talking about the media.

They have invested so much in this guy. If you are expecting the media to ever turn on this guy in toto, it ain’t going to happen. You might see a story here or there critical of something as these people just try to keep themselves appearing honest. But there is so much invested in this guy. He represents so much more than just the presidency now. He represents things that (to the Drive-Bys, to the Democrats) are beyond human. He’s too big to fail. So do not expect the standard build-’em-up-and-then-tear-’em-down from the Drive-By Media on this guy. It will not happen. He’s going to have to screw up so bad — he’s going to have to mistreat a reporter so bad; something is going to have to go so bad that we can’t even visualize what it is — to force the press to do a 180. He’s too big to fail. Remember the Drive-Bys think they got him elected. The Drive-Bys sheltered the truth about this guy.

The Drive-Bys helped create and present this image, this charismatic demagoguery. They helped write the script. They made it happen, and they are proud. They are happy. This was historic. In their minds they have made history. It’s Camelot again, folks. It’s Camelot! Camelot cannot fail. Camelot cannot end up being a bad thing in the history books. Barack Obama cannot and will not be allowed to go into the history books as the guy who destroyed the notion of Camelot, ’cause the Camelot thing is tied to the Kennedys. It ain’t going to happen. He’s too big to fail. So do not get your hopes invested in the press turning on him. It isn’t going to happen. He’s too big to fail. Now, I’m talking about image-wise. He can bomb out as a president, it’s just they won’t report it. He can bomb out. He could… (sighs) I don’t even want to speculate on things, but there are ways. I have nothing in mind; I was just going to make something up. He could make a series of blunders like no president’s ever made; they will cover. They’ll find a way to cover for him. He’s too big to fail.

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