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RUSH: You know, ladies and gentlemen, on this program we have a phrase that sometimes describes one of the strategeries we use to communicate here. It’s called ‘illustrating absurdity by being absurd,’ and I’m afraid my strategy is being stolen. Just as I admitted stealing from Bill Clinton the concept that Obama’s a ‘Chicago thug,’ CNN is now stealing from me my strategery of illustrating absurdity by being absurd. Here is correspondent Deborah Feyerick on Lou Dobbs’ show last night.

FEYERICK: Some experts who track diversity say the election of the first black US president will change dynamics in the workplace. They say white people who have never worked for an African-American boss will likely develop a new trust; while black people, they believe, will gain a sense of new possibility.

RUSH: (shuffling papers) Okay. So the election… Hang on a minute. iPhone is going nuts with weird sound effects, electronics… Just… just throw the thing up against the wall. It’s not the phone’s fault. You know, when it connects all the static that you get. Ladies and gentlemen, you white people, experts now say you, because of this election, are now, uhhhhh, more likely to build up a new trust and have trust for a black boss. And black people will gain ‘a new sense of possibility.’ Now, this is absurd. Obama will help white people work for black bosses? (interruption) What’s your question, Mr. Snerdley? What is the…? Mmm-hmm. Snerdley, what do you doing? Why are you doing this to me? Why are you asking me this? Snerdley wants to know where the black bosses are

You want to know where the black bosses are? Is there a BlackBosses.com to find out where to go to be a black boss, is that what you want to know? Are you giving me a…? (chuckles) Oh, to give yourself a boss? You want to have a black boss just on so you can prove to people that you’re enlightened, is that what you want? Where do you go to get your black boss. I see, I see. Snerdley is being funny. Where do you go to get your black boss? It’s a good question, and I’m going no further with this. A lot of people… (laughs) A lot of people work for black bosses. In the huddle, the quarterback is the boss. There are a lot of black head coaches. There are black CEOs. Herman… What’s the guy that ran the pizza chain? Herman Cain! There are all kinds of black bosses. That’s why this is absurd. People who work for black bosses will be more comfortable? (muttering)

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