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RUSH: This is James in Cincinnati. Nice to have you on the program, sir.

CALLER: Mega dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: I got a very simple comment here. I think that there’s a very simple solution to the conservative crisis and the financial crisis in the country. It goes like this. Get out the electoral map, you flood the red states with conservatives, and you begin to actively promote the conservative way of life that half of Americans in this country want to live. You know, family, free enterprise, freedom, and faith. It would make the governors happy. It would make the business leaders happy —

RUSH: When you say flood these states, what do you mean, have people move there?

CALLER: Oh, sure, just like they do in California. The liberals flooded California and San Francisco and they create a little sort of liberal oasis. There’s no reason that conservatives can’t do the same thing and, you know, make everybody happy, business leaders, evangelicals and Catholics, all people of goodwill, happy.

RUSH: You know, it’s interesting, I saw today the final county map, red state, blue state map by county, and if you just landed here from Mars, and you looked at that map, you would swear the Republicans won this thing in a landslide, if you didn’t know where the population centers are. I guarantee you by county and by square mileage, we skunked ’em! But then you look at the coasts, you look all up and down the Left Coast, you look all up and down the East Coast, until you get past New Jersey and Maryland, DC, even Virginia, three counties in Virginia won it for Obama. Those three counties are microscopic on the map. But it’s just amazing. The population centers feature big cities, of course, and people who live in big cities are largely Democrat, and I don’t know, for example, how many conservatives are going to want to move to a place like California. Look at the tax rate in California. How many conservatives who don’t already live there, want to move to New York? I mean, you need a great job, a lot of money to live there. Besides, conservatives don’t Balkanize themselves. They live their lives; they want to be happy and so forth.

Liberals are the ones that organize in little communes and cliques and cities and so forth and only want to hang around with each other and themselves. We’re not that way in many regards. In some parts of country that happens to be the case, but this map is just stunning. And I’ll tell you something else that’s stunning. If you look at the counties, what I call the Hispanic border states, you go up the border of Mexico with Texas, the only blue counties in Texas, other than one outside of Houston, are right on the border with Mexico, and then you go into New Mexico, same thing, go into Arizona, pretty close, same thing, you go to California, you can see the Hispanic vote. You can see where it’s gone. It’s all blue. Well, not all, but I mean it’s just amazing. And the Republicans think they’re going to crack that by going out and acting like Democrats and just promising a better list of goodies? It ain’t going to happen out there. It’s not the way to do it. Let me play this audio sound bite right now. Andrea Mitchell Nightly News last night, she had a report about Chris Shays and I all over the news yesterday and last night, also in this report.

MITCHELL: Is the party over? As Republican governors prepare to meet in Miami to debate what went wrong and who will lead them out of wilderness, Republicans have to resolve their identity crisis. Do they want to follow moderates like Chris Shays, who lost his Connecticut House seat?

SHAYS: You gotta reach out to African-Americans, you gotta reach out to Latinos, and you gotta be an inclusive party, and we aren’t right now, but we will be.

MITCHELL: Or should the party align itself with traditional conservatives?

RUSH ARCHIVE: We can get women, we can get everybody with a set of core principles that we do not abandon that benefit everybody, regardless the damned color of their skin or their gender!

RUSH: That was from yesterday, and I stand by that. We start going after groups of Americans, the middle class, Wal-Mart people and then the Kmart people and let’s go get the Starbucks crowd and let’s go get this group, Hispanics. Loser — we just did that! We just did it. The architects of this should be disqualified from running another Republican campaign. Set of core principles that improve life for every human being in the country, and you will attract them, I don’t care where they were born, I don’t care what their skin color is, what their gender is, what their sexual orientation, none of that. You attract enough of them to win.

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