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RUSH: Let me give you a possible scenario to this Hillary Clinton for secretary of state thing. Obama’s got this huge questionnaire, 63 questions. There is no way the Clintons passed this. Look, Clinton, you talk about his wife being secretary of state and here’s Slick Willie with all this money he’s taken from the ChiComs back in the nineties to the present, all the money he’s taken from Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, with his wife sitting there, and they’re going to have to ask Clinton to give up all this income. You can’t run around and keep making speeches and collecting money from these people if your wife is secretary of state. And, by the way, during the debate between Obama and Clinton that was on MSNBC, Obama himself said during the debate that it was kind of important to know who the donors were at the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor.

You know, all these things, Obama made it plain he thought that some of this would be a potential conflict for Mrs. Clinton. So now he’s got this big questionnaire that all the people he wants working for him have got to answer and pass. There’s no way the Clintons can, if they have to open up everything. I mean the Clintons have never wanted anybody to know who the donors to the Library and Massage Parlor are, and it doesn’t have to be made public but they’ve never wanted anybody to know. So here you have the Clintons, Hillary dying to have some meaningful job in government, just from what I hear, really, really wants this. Bill Clinton desperately wants his wife to have something meaningful so he’ll have a connection to it. So here comes old Barry. It would have been a much different situation to appoint her to the Supreme Court because Clinton’s taken money from all these foreign people, not going to be so many opportunities for conflicts. But he names her, he’s thinking of naming her to the secretary of state job. Now, what happens — I’m just fantasizing here — but what happens if at the end of this process, Obama says, ‘I’m sorry, we simply can’t go forward with this, the conflict that we have found in the Clinton file and apparatus.’ This would be just one way to ace them out, get rid of them, say, ‘We can’t have Mrs. Clinton here. There are too many conflicts with her husband.’


RUSH: All right, let me clarify a couple of things here that some people have apparently misunderstood because of my phraseology. I said what happens if, at the end of this process, Obama says, ‘You know what? We can’t put Hillary in there as secretary of state. There’s too much in her husband’s background that makes this problematic, that does not fit my guidelines’? I am presenting that as a brilliant strategical move. Look, if you’re Barack Obama, the last thing you want to deal with is the Clintons yapping at your knees and your ankles all day long. What a diss of Bill Clinton, to deny his wife the secretary of state job because we can’t go through with this vetting process, there’s just — however they would say it, to blame Bill Clinton for it would effectively throw Clinton out of the party and be the end of his attempts to legacify himself and so forth. Nothing would happen to Obama. I’m not saying anything would. I’m saying it’s a strategical political move. It’s like a knife in the back kind of move. That’s why I would say it’s a smart move if that’s what is in the works. I don’t know that it’s in the works, but if it is, I just want to be on record here as having said I’ve thought about this, and this could be very, very cool. This whole thing could be a setup to take Bill Clinton out at the knees. And you’re saying to yourself, ‘Rush, nobody could do that.’ Well, Obama just took out Hillary. Obama just took out a whole bunch of people in his campaign. I’m not saying for a moment that anybody out there would react negatively toward Obama if he did this. Probably quite the opposite.


RUSH: Palm Bay, Florida. This is Eric. Welcome, sir, to the EIB Network. It’s nice to have you here.

CALLER: Mega Steeler dittos, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: When it comes to Barack Obama’s application for employment, Hillary Clinton has to be the most qualified of all because she is the queen subversive.

RUSH: She is the queen subversive? I guess you’re talking here about my theory that the Obama questionnaire might be used to disqualify Hillary on the basis that Bill presents too many conflicts of interest?

CALLER: Well, you have William Ayers and everyone else. Uh, she is Saul Alinskyite. But that is the mega snub, being that she knows she’s the most qualified — and not giving her the job?

RUSH: Which job are we talking about here?

CALLER: The job of secretary of state.

RUSH: Okay, I’m having trouble keeping up because, again, I don’t know if you’re responding to what I said or if you’re bringing up something new that hasn’t been discussed. It’s not your fault. I just need you to start over and tell me what your point is.

CALLER: Well, Barack Obama has his list of qualifications in order to get a job.

RUSH: Yeah, that 63-question, yeah, questionnaire.

CALLER: Correct. Well, if William Ayers can get a job and he has to fill out the same questionnaire, then obviously we’re looking at it from the wrong perspective.

RUSH: We don’t know that William Ayers is going to get a job. I don’t think William Ayers is going to be officially involved in anything. If William Ayers is involved he’s going to be on the phone with Obama, maybe up in the Lincoln Bedroom or whatever. I have no idea what involvement Ayers is going to have, but let me explain this again for those of you who are just joining the program — and this is just speculation. I know nothing. I just know the kind of guy Obama is. Obama dispatches his opponents. He gets rid of them. So we got this 63-question questionnaire that you have to pass, fill out and pass if you’re going to work for Obama. It’s been said that not even he could pass if he were asked to serve in some administration that had this questionnaire. Where it is interesting is he’s offered secretary of state to Hillary.

The question becomes, ‘Can Bill, with his conflicts who’s taken all this money from Middle Eastern countries and the ChiComs for speeches and consulting advice, does that present a conflict when his wife is the secretary of state?’ I mean, here you’ve got the Clintons’ wealth due in part to all these payments from the ChiComs and the Middle Eastern nations, and so Hillary as secretary of state is going to be running around dealing with these various countries. I just speculated that wouldn’t it be funny — wouldn’t it be interesting if, after this is all over — the Obama campaign says, ‘You know, we’re not able — and we really regret this; it’s a terrible shame. We’re not able to offer Mrs. Clinton the job of secretary of state. There are just too many conflicts here with President Clinton’s involvement over the oceans here, plus the Bill Clinton library, the donors list and so forth.’ I doubt that they would announce it that way, but everybody would know.

I mean she says she wants it. He says he’s ready to offer it on the proviso that they pass the test, and there’s also the possibility that they’ll just lie and Obama says, ‘Okay,’ cool, ’cause we know that liberals and Democrats lie. I was just speculating that it would not be surprising to me to see Obama use this as a method of getting rid of Bill Clinton, to have him… (laughs) Can you imagine a Democrat president putting together his cabinet, and he can’t get the person he supposedly wants for secretary of state because of the conflicts of interest presented by her husband? (laughing) You know, I don’t care what you think about liberals and Democrats, they play in rarefied air, and when you get to that level of power in any political party, you take your enemies out.

You may lead them around and damage and so forth, but believe me, Obama doesn’t want to power-share when it comes. He’s not interested in having the Clintons being visible every day, especially Bill Clinton as his administration’s unfolding and doing its work. He doesn’t want Clinton on television and being interviewed about things like this. He may not be able to stop it, but he certainly doesn’t want it. By putting Hillary in as secretary of state it makes it very difficult for her to run against him for reelection in 2012, ’cause she’d have to start doing that in 2010, and then she would be a dropout from his own cabinet running against him for the nomination. It can’t be because he’s done such a great job. So there’s a lot of potential here that could just be fun to watch unfold.

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