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RUSH: There have to be, folks, some hurt feelings out there among the left-wing kook base. In fact, I know that because of this Lieberman thing, there already are. The left kooks, they are fried. They wanted Lieberman strung up and flogged. After all the public threats Harry Reid walked out to the cameras, he said nothing was going to be done to Lieberman for leaving the reservation and backing McCain, and Lieberman is still chairman of homeland security, no punishment, no nothing, and it was Obama who interceded to guarantee it. On various websites out there — I’ve checked it out — they are fit to be tied. They’re saying, ‘We count for nothing, we mean nothing. ‘Democracy’ is a nice word, but it should never threaten the entitlement of the most exclusive club in the world. No matter what Lieberman does, the people who are protecting him hate you much more than they hate him.’ These are libs talking to each other.

Now, this decision to hold onto Lieberman and not punish him came the same day more bad news for kooks hit the Drive-By Media. Two advisors for The Messiah, Lord Barack Obama, the Most Merciful, told the press there is little, if any, chance the Justice Department will bring criminal charges against Bush officials who authorized or engaged in harsh interrogations of the terrorists at Club Gitmo. They were saying war crimes. They wanted trials. They wanted Bush and Cheney and everybody in charge of torture strung up, and that’s not going to happen. Adding more insult to injury, another favorite of the kook left base, Senator Pat ‘Leaky’ Leahy was asked during an interview on Vermont Public Radio if Bush administration officials would be brought up on war crimes charges. Leaky said, ‘In the United States, no.’ That implies that maybe some other country will do it. (laughing) So these kooks, do you understand what they were hoping? They wanted impeachment. They wanted war crimes trials. They wanted Nuremberg type things. They wanted Lieberman strung up and flogged. None of it’s going to happen, and they’re the ones feeling sold out, they’re the ones thinking, ‘My God, we bought a bill of goods. We have been used. He’s not who he says he was,’ and this is just the first wave of it. There will be much more of this as we move from the kooks to what we think we call the left-wing mainstream. If you can there’s such a thing, they, too, will have their eyes opened in the coming months.

Michael Ratner is a professor at Columbia school of law. He’s president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, and he’s also mad. He wants the Bushies to pay for protecting us from terrorists. Here was his quote: ‘I don’t see how we regain our moral stature by allowing those who were intimately involved in the torture programs to simply walk off the stage and lead lives where they’re not held accountable.’ So now even a Columbia law school professor has been left out in the cold. Let me tell you, those of you at the Daily Kos and wherever else, you’re all upset about Lieberman, those of you at the Democrat Underground or wherever else, upset that the Justice Department’s not going to bring criminal charges over anybody at Club Gitmo, those of you who lurk at the Huffington Post, if you’re all upset that the Bush administration will not be brought up on war crimes charges, relax. Don’t give up hope for change.

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