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Rush’s Morning Update: Cold Kooks!
November 19, 2008

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Trust me on this, folks; don’t doubt me. Today thereare some hurt feelings among the far left-wing kook-fringe base. First, after all the public threats, Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry walked out to the cameras and said nothing was going to be done to Joe Lieberman for leaving the reservation and backing John McCraz — McCain. He’s still Chairman of Homeland Security…and that’s it! No punishment, no nothing.

The decision came the same day more “bad news” for kooks hit the Drive-By Media. Two advisors to Obamatold the press that there is little– if any– chance that the Justice Department will bring criminal charges against Bush officials who authorized or engaged in harsh interrogations of the terrorists at Club Gitmo.

Adding more insult to all this injury, another favorite of the kook-left base, Senator Pat “Leaky” Leahy, was asked during an interview on Vermont public radio if Bush officials would be brought up on war crimes charges. He said: “In the United States…no.”(Hee, hee — maybe somewhere else?)

Now,Michael Ratner, who is a kook and a professorat Columbia Law School and president of the Center for Constitutional Rights, is mad. He wants the Bushies to pay for protecting us from terrorism.He said: “I don’t see how we regain our moral stature by allowing those who were intimately involved in the torture programs to simply walk off the stage and lead lives where they are not held accountable.”

Mr. Ranter, calm down. You kooks are out in the coldagain, but, hey: You can always hope– for change! Ha, ha, ha!

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