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RUSH: Oh, there’s Dingy Harry. Let’s just listen to a little bit. You got Schumer up there and Dick Durbin.

REID: — an agreement, but it’s their agreement. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that no one has come up with a plan that can pass the House and Senate and get signed by President Bush, no matter how hard Senator Levin and the others have worked, and they’ve worked very, very hard.

RUSH: Oh, yeah. I thought these guys had all the answers.

REID: — we’ve all witnessed in congressional hearings this week. The executives of the auto companies —

RUSH: These people have the longest faces, you ought to see, none of them are smiling up there.

REID: — or the American people that this government bailout will be its last. In light of the importance of this issue to all of us —

RUSH: Yes.

REID: — we have decided that the best way to proceed is to give the auto companies another opportunity to make their case, make their case to Congress and to the American people.

RUSH: What?

REID: We’re requesting that they submit a plan to Congress through Chairman Frank and Chairman Dodd no later than December 2nd.

RUSH: Oh, ho-ho. No.

REID: These two very able men will review the plan and if necessary hold hearings during the week of December 2nd to fully vet the auto industry’s proposal. We’re prepared to come back into session the week of December 8th to help the auto industry, but only if they present a viable plan that gives us, the Congress, the confidence that taxpayers, the autoworkers, will be well served. In the meantime, it’s important we remind everyone.

RUSH: Yeah?

REID: — that right now or at any time in the future —

RUSH: There you have it. That’s Dingy Harry laying down the law, the autoworkers didn’t do a good enough job persuading them, so they’ve been given ’til December 2nd to come up with a new plan to submit to Chairman Frank and Chairman Dodd, the architects of the Fannie Mae failure and debacle and the global economic crisis brought on by the subprime mortgage — oh, Nancy Pelosi. Let’s JIP Pelosi and see what she’s saying.

PELOSI: I think that you have clearly laid out what the challenges —

RUSH: Not that?

PELOSI: — to this auto industry and to Congress as we go forth. It is all about accountability.

RUSH: Yeah, for who?

PELOSI: And viability.

RUSH: You?

PELOSI: Until we can see a plan where the auto industry is held accountable and a plan for viability on how —

RUSH: That’s all I need to hear. Let me translate this for you. The Big Three auto guys come up there and make their case for a bailout. These clowns in the House and the Senate could not come up with a way to get it done to where both sides of Congress would agree with it. So they have now decided to blame the auto execs for not begging enough, so the auto execs have now got until December 2nd to formulate a new plan and to present it in writing to Chairman Frank and Chairman Dodd. That new plan has to contain accountability. Basically what this plan that they’ve gotta submit has to contain is how they’re basically going to turn over the operation of the auto companies to Chairman Frank and Chairman Dodd, to the Congress. You are witnessing right here, it took less than 90 seconds of JIP, 90 seconds of joining in progress, to see the authoritative, authoritarian nature of what the Obama government is going to be.

These guys come up there hat in hand asking for bailout money. I’m sure they bared their souls up there, but it wasn’t enough for these people. They gotta come back, they gotta work harder, they gotta beg more, and they’ve gotta build in accountability, they gotta build in how they’re gonna be hurt, how they’re gonna be punished. I’m glad we did this. I’m glad we JIP’d it.


RUSH: Folks, this is too good what’s going on here. Here’s Barney Frank now talking about the auto bailout. Press conference.

FRANK: I — I made copyright!

REPORTERS: (yukking it up)

RUSH: He looks like he cut himself shaving on the neck there earlier today.

FRANK: We put through a bill committing $700 billion of taxpayers’ money at risk, although we hope to recover it.

RUSH: What’d he say?

FRANK: The context is this. There is wide-spread didisfac — dissatisfaction. Not just in the Congress, but in the country —

RUSH: Yeah?

FRANK: — with what is perceived to be a failure of the recipients of those funds to carry out the intent that the Congress had. There is a sense that we did not do a good enough job of safeguarding the use of these funds —

RUSH: Come on, Barney! You gave the Treasury secretary sole authority to do with it what he wanted to do. It’s too late to start complaining.

FRANK: — either house of Congress today, which some people might think was a repeat. That’s why we need to take time because you already have (slurping) a great deal of skepticism on the part of the public, on the part of the Congress, and in much of the media.

RUSH: All right. And I realize you Obama voters don’t know who Barney Frank is, and I realize you Obama voters don’t know who Harry Reid is, and I realize you Obama voters don’t know who Nancy Pelosi is. (laughing) But these are the people running Congress. During the break, folks, it was fabulous. Harry Reid got up there and he started taking questions. I didn’t hear the question, but whatever it was irritated the hell out of him, ’cause he said, ‘Look, these guys, they flew in here in their corporate jets, and that doesn’t send the right signal. It doesn’t send the right message. I can tell you this. The people in Searchlight, Nevada, and Las Vegas and Reno, they don’t like seeing these CEOs of the Big Three coming in their corporate jets, and none of the rest of the people in the country do, either. Now, they’ve got to get their act together, and they’ve got to get a plan, and they’ve got to get a plan to us. We do not have the votes for the plan that they put forth, and we’re not going to make ourselves look bad. The Congress looked bad this week. We don’t have the votes. The auto companies looked bad this week.

‘They’ve got ’til December 2nd to put together a plan.’ You know what this is all about? The reason they are so miffed is that their big constituents, the union thugs (the leaders, not the rank-and-file) they’re the ones that want this bailout. This is a bailout as far as the Democrats are concerned to the United Auto Workers and the related jobs that deal with the auto industry, and it didn’t happen. So here’s Harry Reid running around; he’s blaming the auto executive for the failure to come up with a piece of legislation that they could all agree on and pass that would send $25 billion to the auto companies. Now, here’s… I’m just dreaming. That’s all we can do now folks for the next four years. I’m just dreaming. The only honorable thing that the auto execs can do to save capitalism is to say to Barney Frank and Chairman Dodd and the rest of these people, ‘Screw you! We’re not going to come, bend over backwards for you guys to make you look good and go ahead,’ and declare bankruptcy. Because anybody who thinks that Chris Dodd and Barney Frank know the first thing about the auto industry, deserves what they get.


RUSH: Here is Dingy Harry. This is the actual sound bite that I heard during a commercial break, and I was describing to you. This is Dingy Harry to the Big Three — and I know you Obama voters don’t know who he is. He’s the Senate Majority Leader, and he was giving out orders to the Big Three automakers.

REID: What kind of a message do we send to the American people by having a bunch of failed votes here? We do not have the votes. What happened here in Washington this week has not been good for the auto industry. I know it wasn’t planned, but these guys flying in their big corporate jets doesn’t send a good message to people in Searchlight, Nevada, or Las Vegas or Reno, or anyplace in this country. We want them to get their act together.

RUSH: Pass the buck. Pass the buck, Harry. It’s their fault. It’s the auto executives’ fault that the Congress could not come up with a plan to bail ’em out. Now, they have to come up with a plan to be bailed out.

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