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RUSH: I got an email yesterday from Brian Kilmeade of Fox News. He does the Fox & Friends show in the morning, and he was in Los Angeles. He was going to go interview Governor Schwarzenegger, and he said that he said one of the things that Schwarzenegger said was that the Republican Party is going to have to get rid of its conservatism if it is to ever have a chance to win again. Kilmeade wanted to know if he could come by here this morning or sometime today on his way back from LA, to get my reaction to what Schwarzenegger said. And I said, ‘I promised Barbara Walters I wouldn’t do any on camera interviews before December 4th, but here’s what you ought to ask Arnold, here’s what you ought to say to Arnold.’ Well, wait a minute, now. Let me play the sound bite, because he teases this. I’ll then tell you what I told Kilmeade. This was this morning — and he’s the sports guy, Brian Kilmeade, but they sent him out there to talk to Schwarzenegger.

KILMEADE: Here’s the thing. Where should the Republican Party go from here? Here’s what he says. ‘They should move away from some of their core principles, those conservative principles and start spending on programs Americans want.’ How does that sit with where Rush Limbaugh, where Tim Pawlenty —

DOOCY: So he wants the Conservative Party to not be so conservative —

KILMEADE: And I got Rush Limbaugh to comment on that.

RUSH: I commented on it in an e-mail and he’s gonna reveal that tomorrow. I don’t know if I should reveal it here. But how can I not? This is absurd! It is it is clear that Schwarzenegger’s reading David Brooks and some of the other conservative pseudo-intelligentsia on our side. Conservative principles and start spending on programs Americans want. Governor Schwarzenegger, would you look at how much spending went up during the Bush years? We got a new entitlement, we were spending money left and right and we were doing it trying to get votes of people! I told Kilmeade, ‘You tell Schwarzenegger we just ran the campaign he thinks we ought to be running. And then you ask him what the hell happened. We just ran a campaign with no conservative principles. We just ran a campaign where we ditched our core beliefs. We just ran a campaign where our candidate promised to buy up every failing mortgage. If that’s not spending money on what people want, I don’t know what it is. And we didn’t get any advantage to this. You tell Schwarzenegger that we already tried his campaign.’ Lordy. This is worse than I thought.

I thought it was bad last week. The battle we have, I mean screw Obama, we know what that’s going to get us. The big question we have is what the hell are we going to do to ourselves on our side with this kind of stupid, idiotic, ignorant thinking? Advocate the very thing that failed big time right in front of our eyes as the way we win down the road. He’s on the same planet, plus he’s gone nuts on this green stuff, and I think I know why. He starred in a movie once where he saved Mars from an ecological disaster. Remember that? He saved Mars single-handedly. Total Recall was the name of that movie. Now, Kilmeade did play one of his clips with Schwarzenegger this morning on Fox & Friends. The question: ‘Could you see yourself working for Obama when your term in California is done, going to Washington, working for the White House?’

RUSH: Before I make any move, the next move that I make, I’m going to go and say to Maria, ‘Maria, you tell me what to do.’

RUSH: Now, I didn’t see it so I don’t know if he’s smiling when he says this, I don’t know if there’s a little stereotypical humor. I suspect — God forgive me — but I suspect this happened a long time ago. I suspect he’s had to clear moves with her for I don’t know how long. ‘Cause there’s no way, I mean he’s done such a 180 from the days that he got elected in the recall election out there. I’m gonna go ask Maria, going to go ask Maria, anything I do, I’m gonna go to Maria and say, ‘You tell me what to do.’ At least when Goldwater went south it was because of senility. I don’t know what Schwarzenegger’s excuse is.


RUSH: By the way, Arnold Schwarzenegger. I can’t get over this. We need to drop our core principles and beliefs and we need to start spending money on government programs and things people want. If his sense of governing works, why the hell is California in so much debt and also asking for a federal bailout? Spending on programs that people want, that’s what California is, and they are bankrupt, continually! Speaking of states and cities, Mayor Bloomberg, right here in the Big Apple, they’re still arguing over these $400 property tax rebates. They are the law, and Bloomberg said yesterday (paraphrased), ‘To hell with the law! You pass a law that makes me give out these $400 rebate checks? To hell with it. I’m still not sending them out.’ This is a guy that said, ‘To hell with the term limit thing; I’m running for a third term. I’m not even running. I’m just going to appoint myself mayor for the third term. Screw it!’ New York is a place that spends money on programs people want, and they can’t find enough activity to tax now to pay for it. Three days in here and I’m out. I am outta here tomorrow before I get lassoed, before they close this place down and prevent departures.

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