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“Let me define ‘spending wisely’ as Obama means it: ‘spending everything and then some.'”

“Maybe the Big Three auto execs are underpaid. Look at it this way: You’re the CEO of an auto company, and a few little congresspeople with huge egos assign you a term paper that you have to complete during the Thanksgiving vacation.”

“This is not complicated whatsoever. If you let supply and demand work, ladies and gentlemen, then whatever the consumers want, Detroit will build. That’s how they make money.”

“I am proud to say that I am one of the brave and few in this country not asking for a federal bailout, and the reason why I’m not asking for a bailout is because I have brains.”

“Did you see those whales stuck in the ice up there already near the Arctic Circle? This never happens this early in the season. We need to send some SUVs up there right now and warm it up!”

“You know, if I mounted up all the ‘good intentions’ of liberal programs and paid myself a penny for every one of them, I could retire.”

“I don’t watch NBC to see Green Week. These people can just stuff it! I am not going to turn my freedom over to a damn network!”

“Obama’s acting like Santa Claus today; he has all kinds of goodies that he’s going to give every one of you. Of course, you’re going to pay for these presents, but he still makes you feel good.”

“Republicans should not look at the electorate and say, ‘Gotta get the Hispanic vote; gotta get the black vote; gotta get the female vote; gotta get the NASCAR vote.’ We shouldn’t Balkanize the electorate because conservatism looks at people and sees people, sees human beings, sees Americans.”

“McCain lost the tax cut vote to a collectivist; that’s not my fault, Mort. That’s not any conservative’s fault.”

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