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RUSH: Officials from the government of California, ladies and gentlemen, have announced plans to investigate the Mormon Church over their role in the passage of Proposition 8. Proposition 8 in California, as you know, won big. It defined marriage as a union between mankind and womankind. ‘The California Fair Political Practices Commission…’ The California Fair Political Practices Commission? Why do you need one of those when you have the First Amendment? Well, I know who is going to do the inquisitions, but why are there inquisitions when you have a First Amendment? The free speech clause was intended for all speech, but primarily aimed at political speech. Anyway, the CFPPC ‘said that a complaint by a gay rights group was enough to drive the investigation. The executive director, Roman Porter, said the decision to investigate the Mormons does not mean that any wrongdoing has been predetermined here.’ So we are to be comforted, ladies and gentlemen, by the fact that Roman Porter won’t nail the Mormons to the cross…just yet. He has to wait ’til the investigation is complete to do that.

‘The lone complaint giving the state of California an excuse to investigate the church claims that the Mormons didn’t report the value of work that it did to support Prop 8.’ Now, remember, liberal bloggers and a bunch of gay rights activists were out there calling black people the N-word for supporting Prop 8 in large numbers. Roseanne Barr called blacks ignorant and said their clergy was corrupted. So here we are on the verge of celebrating Thanksgiving, inspired by Pilgrims who came to the New World in search of religious freedom, and California is holding an inquisition of a religious group who dared to voice political opinions. It’s very, very fitting in the state of California. Now, if they’re found guilty — and is there any doubt? What is this ‘if’? They’re already guilty. They’re guilty when they wake up! They’re guilty when they breathe. If found guilty, maybe the Mormons should be required to admit that they’re heretics. Maybe the Mormons should be required to denounce their religion or face burning at the stake. California is serious about this Prop 8 business, folks, and the will of the people out there is not going to stand.

They figure the Mormons were right at the root of this evil of defining marriage as that between mankind and womankind. But the liberals face a real quandary here, folks, the way I see this. You got this inquisition going on out in California, led by a guy named Roman, investigating Mormons; ignoring the use of the N-word by gay activists aimed at blacks, ignoring the oral utters of one Roseanne Barr. Now what to do with Roseanne? What to do with the blacks? You can’t… I mean especially… You just can’t do anything in public. You can’t blame ’em. You just can’t! The only public lynchings going to be allowed in this case will be the Mormons’.

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