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“President Bush has kept my family safe for seven years. He’s kept your family safe, too.” — Mark Davis

• FOX: Bush = Nixon? Not So Fast, Says Wallace

“You can disagree with things President Bush has done, but to suggest that Bush and Nixon had similarly criminal or self-serving intent is just baseless.” — Mark Davis

• CBS: Jeb Bush For Florida Senate?

“Any political criticism that I might have for this president will forever be dwarfed by the gratitude that I will feel for him and the fact that I will thank God for every day of his presidency.” — Mark Davis

• WP: Closet Centrist
• NYT: After Sharp Words on CIA,
Obama Faces a Delicate Task

“How uncomfortable will it be at times for President Obama to be lording over an agency that he once trashed? This of course would be the CIA.” — Mark Davis

• FOX: Obama Taps Richardson to Be Next Commerce Secretary

“Who’s going to sit between Hillary Clinton and Bill Richardson at the cabinet meetings? Just delicious tension there.” — Mark Davis

• CNS: Pro-Amnesty Activist Joins Obama White House Staff

“My only advice for David Gregory is to offer yourself up as someone willing to be tough on both sides. If you do that you will endear yourself to both sides.” — Mark Davis

• NYT: David Gregory Is Likely to Host “Meet the Press”

“Hate will suck the funny right out of your head.” — Mark Davis

• AP: Georgia Sen. Chambliss Wins Re-Election in Runoff
• Politico: Chambliss: Palin “Allowed Us to Peak”
• ABC: Will Georgia Vote Reverberate in Minnesota?

“If that pendulum is starting to swing back where there’s less and less tolerance for either criminal behavior or outright stupid public behavior by professional athletes, I’m all for it.” — Mark Davis
• NYT: The Morning Skate: The Self-Destruction of Sean Avery
• AP: Bettman Summons Avery to Hearing
• DCE: Reid: We Won’t Smell the Tourists Anymore
• PI: Rendell Called Sexist for “No Life” Remark
• Jonah Goldberg: An Ugly Attack on Mormons

“It’s lovely; it’s great. Run and grab it if you want to. But Queen and Paul Rogers? That’s a Bad Company album. Freddie Mercury is what made Queen sound like Queen.” — Mark Davis

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