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RUSH: As usual, talent on loan from God-d. Here is Kevin in Bozeman, Montana. Hi, Kevin. Thank you for calling. You’re up next on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, Rush, glad to have you back.

RUSH: Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER: It was tough listening to those ladies cackle while I was on hold.

RUSH: Yeah, and they don’t breathe. I mean not one of them took a breath.

CALLER: I’m listening on the phone, too, and it’s right in my ear.

RUSH: Yeah. Well, you’re a trooper, man, I appreciate you’re putting up with it.

CALLER: Absolutely. Hey, I’ve got a question for you, something I wanted to run by you. So in each of these bailouts, you know, everyone is getting bailed out, I’ve seen a couple AP reports, and they don’t talk about the bailout but I kind of linked them together and I wanted to see what you thought about it. One of them was about university endowments being crippled ’cause they’re all vested in the stock market and they’re all down 40, 50%, and then tuition hikes, and people not being able to afford it with the economy going down. I wanted to see what you thought about the back door of socialism coming through here through universal education. They’re going to say they’re too big to fail and they’re going to need a bailout.

RUSH: Well, now, it’s interesting the way you put it, because the first reaction that I would have is that there is a symbiotic and business relationship between the left elected politicians and institutions of higher learning. They’re all liberals, and have you ever wondered why, for example, even in the good times, like the Harvard endowment is down, they’re guessing, eight billion. They had an endowment of over $50 billion or some such thing, and they never cut tuition.


RUSH: They never cut tuition, and yet the Congress, which is always aiming at Big Oil and always aiming at Big Retail and always aiming at Big Auto, and always aiming at Big Pharmaceutical, never aims at Big Education, and Big Education costs people an arm and a leg to put a kid through education and housing and all this for just four years of undergraduate.

CALLER: Yeah, hey, Rush, there was a report —

RUSH: So we do student loans, we don’t do anything, we don’t target Big Education, we don’t run ’em down, we don’t force ’em for lower prices, we don’t get on them for being out of touch for not understanding things people go through. It’s a symbiotic relationship because they know that these schools are churning out little liberals.

CALLER: There was a report that said they could pay for all the tuition for all the undergraduates and all the graduates, and they would still have like 90% of their endowment intact —

RUSH: Exactly right. And these endowments are just donations from alumni and other things, like if your last name is Gook, and you want the medical building named after you, it would be Edward B. Gook Medical Building, give the endowment some money.

CALLER: What do you think about an education bailout? They are too big to fail, there are too many jobs, and then they’ll say our kids won’t get an education and won’t be able to compete in the global warming, and I think it’s coming, it’s going to be like high school, high school, free high school, free college now.

RUSH: Look, the —

CALLER: Not free, of course.

RUSH: Yeah. Well, here’s what I really think is going on here. On one hand, you have to laugh at it. On the other hand, you can drive yourself crazy getting angry about it. But what we really have is the government growing exponentially in geometric progressions just in time for the most avowed, extreme leftist president we’ve ever had to be inaugurated, to have total control over it. This is all being done under the guise of saving this industry, saving that industry, but all it’s doing is advancing, as you say, a socialist agenda with hardly any opposition to it whatsoever.

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