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Rush’s Morning Update: Skid-Row Santa
December 5, 2008

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Keeping the Drive-By spirit of Christmas, AP-Obama tells parents how to break the bad news to their kids: This year, “Santa’s sack will be smaller.”

First, ask the kids to write a sentence or two explaining why each item on their holiday lists is important. If a much-coveted gift won’t make it under the tree,tell them in advance.

Second, explain that everyone is miserable. Tell them the whole country is one big American family that has to cut back this year. And all the little families, including yours, have to spend less, too –and so does Santa.

Third, if your kids have Christmas Day meltdowns over what they didn’t get, don’t call the little ingrates ungrateful. Tell them you understand they’re angry; coddle them, don’t chastise them.

If you’re a liberal, you’ll no doubt tell your kids that rich Republicans aren’t cutting backbecause the rich always get richer, and the poor get poorer. You’ll train them in class warfare; prepare them for their future.

But here’s my advice:Tell the kids the truth! Explain that Democrats pretended to be Santa for years; they gave people houses they couldn’t afford, which broke the bank, andnow the “big American family” is broke. The North Pole was foreclosed on,so Santa is on Skid Rowwaiting in line for his bailout –that’s how the “little families” got skunked.

Suck it up, kid,and remember what happens when you vote for Democrats. Put that lump of coal under your tree — and never forget it.

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