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Rush’s Morning Update: The Gift
December 8, 2008

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Very important message today, my friends. Every Christmas, American men agonize over finding that “just right” gift for the special woman (or women) in their lives. Through trial and error, some men have learned what not to give. Ironing boards and vacuum cleaners are out,no matter how useful they might be. Chia Pets: out. And the old standby from past generations– a beautiful set of pots and pans– will likely land upside your head.

But this year, there is a unique stocking stuffer for that special woman in your life. It comes from Planned Parenthood of Indiana:a gift certificate that can be used for any of the organization’s services, from health screenings to birth control to…abortions.

Betty Cockrum,president of Planned Parenthood, Indiana,says the Christmas abortion program targets low-income women. “When women are strapped,” Cockrum says, “they’re more worried about putting food on the table and gas in the car.” With a gift certificate, the abortion-budget worry is off the table.

So, dad, youwant to impress your daughter? Naughty or nice,give her birth control this Christmas! And for your wife, your lover, or even your one-night stand,give the gift of abortion! It’s one gift that can’t be re-gifted or exchanged; an abortionis forever.

Remember, absolutely nothing says “I love you” like an abortion. So this season, celebrate the birth of Christwith an abortion from Planned Parenthood. Merry Christmasto all!

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