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RUSH: I really do, ladies and gentlemen, hate watching people get sucked into discussions about radical liberals throwing away our money and running our companies. ‘How much is okay? Well, maybe they do know best.’ The whole premise here is wrong. The premise is upside down. It’s 180 degrees out of place. It appears here that the country’s basically signed a power-of-attorney agreement with the public servants in Washington, sort of like the servants moving into the main house and the owners moving into the servants quarters and thanking them. It’s about what’s going on here. I mean, for Barack Obama or any politician to be discussing what a private sector company should or must do to survive, much less operate, my friends, this is outside the scope of how and why this country was founded. This isn’t their place. It isn’t their job. They are elected. This country was founded on the rejection of government interference. These automakers, yeah, they’re not doing the country any favors, I mean frankly it’s their duty to do what’s best for their company and their shareholders and to tell Congress and Obama to shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine.

It sets the wrong precedent here for any CEO to run to Washington and to grovel and to agree to let public servants run their companies. It’s the exact opposite of how they should be reacting. It’s the worst PR move they could possibly make. If they went into bankruptcy kicking and screaming about government interference, people would buy their cars out of pride, if nothing else. Who wouldn’t want to buy cars or invest in companies with guts who stood up for their freedom to succeed or fail on their own decisions? Who wouldn’t invest in a company that publicly picked a fight with these jokes. They’re nothing but politicians. They don’t have expertise in anything. Pick a fight with government watch people get in line to buy American. This is a missed opportunity to reinforce what is great about this country and what cars represent. This is an assault on freedom, it’s happening right before us, right under our noses, right before our very eyes. It’s an assault on freedom. It’s just amazing.

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