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RUSH: I got this e-mail last night. It was about 20 minutes after eight, and Snerdley, I was savoring the Steelers win over the Catboys and get ready for the Redskins and the Ravens. I was hoping the Redskins would prevail there, but they didn’t, so I’m doing a little show prep, and the subject line of this e-mail is: ”I Lost Her Because Of You.’ Dear Rush: I’m 43. I have listened to you since 1988. You’ve changed my life; you have shaped my views; you have given me hope amongst lots of challenges. I met a girl I never thought I would meet. I fell in love with her and her family and her with me and mine. We discussed a few political issues, and I knew we were opposite, but I supported everything her and her family presented to me. She kept all to herself, I guess, until she spent three days caring for me after a double hernia surgery. She came in one afternoon and heard that I had you on the radio. She left the next day without saying anything. She called three days later to break it off, saying that if I listened to you, I was too right-wing and she could not ever be with me. I loved this girl and her family, no matter what their issues were. Despite my core beliefs I loved her and them, I supported them, and I still was judged by an intolerant person. I have never and will never preach or impose my beliefs on someone, of course not someone I’ve accepted and their family. I did nothing but support them and yet was judged and shunned. My heart breaks, Rush. Why do people with our beliefs who don’t judge, but try to influence with support and love and guidance and teaching, why do we pay such a price? I will never change my core beliefs. I have never personally judged a loved one for theirs. I wonder how you have kept a stiff upper lip. Just needed to vent, Rush. You are my inspiration and I will keep you on my radio no matter what. Signed, Christopher.’

Christopher, I have been where you are numerous times. Well, not because of ideological differences, but we all have experienced broken hearts. I have found, Christopher, that each and every time my heart was broken, it turned out to be for a damn good reason. I would suggest to you that you do not know how lucky you are. Your heart may be broken, you may be in pain you have never felt before because love is one of these emotions that we cannot control. We can’t go out and decide on the spot, ‘Hey, I want to be in love,’ and do it. And as you are now learning, when you’re in love, you can’t just say, ‘I don’t want to be in love anymore,’ and not be. Real love has this control over us, but you, sir, are fortunate that this happened before you made any further commitments beyond where you were. Imagine this happening after you had been married. This girl could have been even worse than you imagine her to be. She could have been purely deceitful. She could have said, ‘A-ha,’ she could have waited until you proposed and then married you, and then after marrying you, discovering how horrible you were, demand half of what you have for deceiving her a month or so after you were married. It could have happened. You never know.
Regardless, consider yourself fortunate. You found out who she and her family are prior to any real commitment that you made. You have to try to find there’s good that happens in everything, and sometimes it doesn’t reveal itself for quite a while. Sometimes it reveals itself instantly. In your case the good here is easily spotable.

But imagine this. We all know the power of love, and this guy has willingly hung in here, the EIB Network. He will not have his core beliefs compromised. And Christopher, one other thing. You’re trying to figure these people out; you’re trying to figure out their intolerance. There’s no rational explanation for it. You will go nuts trying to understand. The best that you can do is to understand they have a false sense of superiority, they think they’re smarter and better than everybody else, and it’s good that you didn’t even get into an argument with her, ‘Well, have you ever listened to Limbaugh? Do you know what happens on his radio program?’ It’s a good thing you didn’t even do that, and it’s an even better thing that you didn’t chase her, because if — and I know this is a quaint old thing — but if this is supposed to be for you, it will happen. You can’t force it, you can’t speed it up, and if it’s meant to be, you can’t stop it, either. So I would suggest here that you realize that you have received a very big break. You don’t know how lucky you are.

Imagine that. He did everything he could to support this woman and her family and didn’t argue with them ever, and they know him, they know who he is. He’s been around long enough for them to have accepted him, and all of a sudden his stupid b-i-itch fiancee finds out he listens to me, and that is enough to turn this family totally against him? This is why I say, in addition to her being a stupid b-i-itch fiancee, he’s lucky.


RUSH: Remember, my friends, love is fickle. Conservatism is forever.

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