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RUSH: Folks, you know what would be really cool? If Bill and Hillary Clinton held a joint press conference and announced that they are just not comfortable with the apparent level of corruption that might be tainting the Obama campaign, and as such she has decided not to accept a nomination as secretary of state. Greetings. Welcome back. Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies. Your phone calls are coming up in this hour. Thank you for holding and waiting out there. 800-282-2882 and the e-mail address: ElRushbo@eibnet.com. Speaking of Senate seats, if Mrs. Clinton does not tell Obama that she’s uncomfortable with his level of corruption, what’s going on with her Senate seat, folks, in New York? We now know how Democrats operate. They sell the Senate seats out there in situations like this. So who’s approaching David Paterson? Who wants Hillary’s seat in New York or who does he want to have it? I haven’t heard anything.

But, I mean, once we learn how things happen in the Democrat Party, is it not logical to assume that they don’t just happen that way in Illinois? Speaking of which, if we need a Car Czar, do we need an Illinois Czar? We need a Union Czar. We need an Illinois Czar. You watch what’s going to happen here, ’cause Pete Williams (who used to be the Pentagon spokesman for Cheney) was just on PMSNBC, and Pete Williams was saying about Jesse Jackson, Jr., Senate Candidate #5, supposedly offering up to a million bucks up front for the Senate seat. Pete Williams was on there just speculating (paraphrased), ‘Well, he may not have known anything about that, could have had some loose cannon on his team running around talking about this. He might not have even known anything about it.’ They’re going out of their way to just protect everybody here.

And here’s an interesting question, folks. What has Blagojevich done? This goes to the question of why did they stop the investigation and go public with this. Yeah, Blagojevich is on tape calling Obama an MF-er and saying that this seat’s worth something and he wants to get a bunch of jobs for his wife and get some money for himself, but he didn’t actually do it. He hadn’t sold anything yet. And the investigation was halted just in time to protect old Blago from doing something that might be a felony. So legally is Blago even liable for anything? You know, that bail was awfully low: $4,500. Now, not to say that the Chicago, Illinois, machine (run by Richard Daley) won’t send this guy packing, you know, fit him for a cement swimsuit or something. But in terms of his exposure legally, what did he do?

They stopped the investigation. He hasn’t done anything yet. He didn’t sell the seat. That’s why I raised the question yesterday. ‘Why stop this now with this?’ Fitzgerald was talking about this amazing degree of corruption that they had to go in there and stop this before he named somebody to the Senate. Fitzgerald didn’t say this, but others are speculating he had to go in there and had to shut this down before Blagojevich actually nominated somebody for the seat. Why? That’s the whole purpose of getting the felony, is it not? A note for Pete Williams: Even if you want to try to spin this that Jesse Jackson, Jr., had no knowledge, it’s still going to be very difficult for him to get the Senate seat now. I mean, if Jesse Jackson, Jr., does get this seat (laughing) can you imagine the hell? I don’t think Dingy Harry would approve of it. Dingy Harry has said nobody appointed by Blagojevich is gonna get the seat.

Dingy Harry has said it. Now, he might have to deal with the Supreme Court on that, but that’s what Dingy Harry has said. You remember that off-mic comment by the Reverend Jackson in which he said he would like the ‘cut the nuts out’ of The Messiah, do you think he’s back to thinking that again? ‘Cause now his son, in the midst of all this, has just been aced. And, by the way, Jesse Jackson, Jr., was a national cochair of the Obama campaign. So we have all of these who are involved above their eyeballs in the muck that is Chicago politics. None of it tainted Obama. In fact, I have a prediction for you. It won’t be long (mark my words) for the next round of media spin, and it will go something like this: ‘You know, Abraham Lincoln had to deal with lots of distractions. Abraham Lincoln had to deal with a lot of innuendo. In fact, Jesus Christ did, too.

‘Jesus Christ had seen problems dealing with people in his immediate orb who were corrupt. He had his own traitors to deal with. This is nothing new. This has happened throughout our human history.’ So the Democrat governor of Illinois is corrupt. He has mismanaged the state. He is running deficits. We need an Illinois Czar to oversee the Democrat Party there, as well as the Democrat-controlled legislature. We need Washington to run the Democrat government in Illinois. It’s just that simple, folks. I don’t think we need to bail ’em out, but we certainly need an Illinois Czar — appointed by President Bush, approved by Congress — to go in and run that state. Look at the level of corruption here. And I know just the guy to do it. Nominate Richard Daley as the Illinois Czar. He’s already the guy! Remember, folks, nothing happens there without him knowing about it. Nothing happens there without him signing off on it. The governor of that state does not run that state. Richard Daley, the mayor of Chicago, owns and operates that state. Audio sound bite time. Let’s start with number seven here, Mister Broadcast Engineer. The question about Fitzgerald and why he shut down this prosecution at the time that he did, Toobin says, ‘It’s a tough thing the prosecutor always faces.’

TOOBIN: This was a continuing criminal enterprise, according to Fitzgerald. He needed to stop it.

DOBBS: Is it a reasonable question, though, to ask of the prosecutor, ‘Why not wait and see where this thing leads to see who else wants to get into this — this, uh — to be snared in this web?’

TOOBIN: Well, that’s always the tension that a prosecutor faces: Do you look for more evidence, or do you try to stop other crimes from being committed? This is the judgment Fitzgerald made.

RUSH: So Toobin says that prosecutors always face this decision, but the same prosecutor, Patrick Fitzgerald didn’t have that tension in the Plame case. He knew who the leaker was, but he wanted to find out more, so he started investigating a lot of people, asking them questions. Even though he had the answer to his question, he wanted to know who else was involved, and he got himself a process crime with Scooter Libby. Jesse Jackson, Jr., by the way, last night before ABC named him today said this about being the anonymous Senate Candidate #5.

JACKSON: Since the investigation of the governor is an ongoing investigation, it’s probably inappropriate for me to comment any further.

RUSH: Okay. Brian Ross commented for you today at ABC. David Gergen, David ‘Rodham’ Gergen last night on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 180.

GERGEN: Will the Republicans, will conservatives, web bloggers, will others go after Obama coming from a culture of corruption in Illinois and given his relationship with Tony Rezko, who has — you know, who was a fundraiser both for Obama and for this governor? Uh, will they use that in some way. I personally think that would be very, very unfair, uh, but I have to tell you that I think that it removes one layer of protection for him in the next few months, and that is if something else were to happen around him, he’s a little more vulnerable.

RUSH: (laughing) Oh, my gosh! What…? (laughing) Corruption, nationalization, propaganda. We have the corruption throughout Illinois with everybody Obama knew, we have nationalization going on with the car business and other businesses, and we’ve got the propaganda as you just heard it articulated by David ‘Rodham’ Gergen.

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