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RUSH: I made a prediction on this program yesterday. It has already come true. Here is what I said.

RUSH ARCHIVE: In fact, I have a prediction for you. It won’t be long, mark my words, for the next round of media spin, and it will go something like this. ‘You know, Abraham Lincoln had to deal with lots of distractions. Abraham Lincoln had to deal with a lot of innuendo. In fact, Jesus Christ did, too. Jesus Christ had his problems dealing with people in his immediate orb who were corrupt. He had his own traitors to deal with. This is nothing new. This has happened throughout our human history.’

RUSH: I predicted yesterday it won’t be long before the same thing was said. Let’s go to the tape. David ‘Rodham’ Gergen did it. He didn’t use Christ or Lincoln, he used Harry Truman. Last night on Anderson Cooper 180, Cooper said, ‘Even if there aren’t direct connections, do you think in some way, probably in conservatives’ minds, taints Obama, or links him to Chicago-style politics? Clearly there’s a strain of Chicago politics of corruption.’

GERGEN: It’s important to remember history, Anderson. Harry Truman was a great president. Harry Truman was a product of the Pendergast Machine, a famous machine in 1930s and forties in the state of Missouri. And a lot of people thought, well, he must have the taint of corruption. He wasn’t. He was an honest man who came out of a corrupt system, and I think that we’ve always regarded him as one of our best and most honest presidents, so I think it’s unfair to say to that about Obama, because he comes out of this milieu, which has a lot of this corruption, that he himself, he seems to have come out of this with a lot of innocence. (laugh track)

RUSH: There you have it. That’s David ‘Rodham’ Gergen, ladies and gentlemen, basically saying what I said at the open of the program. Obama, he is walking a straight line in a crooked world. He is able to walk on the — (interruption) that doesn’t sound like laughter? Well, you know why it doesn’t sound like laughter? It’s because we had to download it from the Internet because our sound effects guy can’t be found. Oh, you got a couple more? Here, let’s just audition the laugh tracks right now, play a couple more. (playing of laugh tracks) You like number two? Okay, we’re going to put this to the test now. Play number two, play Mr. David ‘Rodham’ Gergen again and put these laugh tracks in when appropriate. I shouldn’t have to tell you when that is. (replaying of Gergen bite) See, my problem is this stuff does not sound like laughter to me at all which is why I got fooled by the first one. So you guys are going to have to tell me because this just sounds like applause to me, I can’t tell anybody is laughing in this bite.

My question about Gergen is, is CNN paying him to be a joke? Or does it just come naturally to him? See, what’s happening to the Drive-Bys, they are all becoming jokes. They are making abject fools of themselves, just like David Shuster today with Anne Kornblut. They don’t know beans yet about what happened. All they’ve got is the various denials. But now they’re spreading the rumor, they’re spreading the word that Blagojevich is insane, that he’s a sociopath, and then to take the cake, to explain why Valerie Jarrett, who Obama really wanted to get his Senate seat and who really wanted the Senate seat, why she pulled out. (paraphrasing) ‘Well, it’s obvious,’ they don’t know anything, ‘it’s obvious she got wind of what was going on, that Blagojevich was trying to charge money for this and she’s so up and up and she’s so smart, that she wanted no part of this, and she ran straight to Rahm Emanuel, and Rahm Emanuel said, ‘Well, that’s outrageous, that is not done in the Democrat Party. We do not pay and charge people for Senate seats and patronage and I’m going to go to the US attorney and I’m going to get this shut down.” And Kornblut said, ‘Well, we’re just guessing here, Mr. Shyster, but that sounds entirely plausible.’

So they’re making jokes of themselves, and this is going to continue. They wonder why they are losing circulation, why they’re having to file for bankruptcy. The half of their audience in newspapers and network news that still have jobs and therefore earn money to patronize advertisers are the people they are alienating, the people that don’t have jobs, that people that can’t patronize their advertisers, and the businesses that no longer want to advertise in the papers because it doesn’t work are the very people being alienated by the Drive-By Media.

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