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RUSH: Earl in Angola, Indiana. Nice to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Yes, Rush, it’s good to talk to you.

RUSH: Same here, sir.

CALLER: After almost 20 years trying to get through (chuckles). I have a comment and then a question, follow-up.

RUSH: Yes, sir. What would that be?

CALLER: My comment is, if you recall when the prosecutor was trying to prosecute Scooter Libby, he went through great lengths to do it knowing that he wasn’t the guy that was the leaker and he knew who the leaker was. But now, he asked the — I believe it was the Chicago Tribune to suppress this stuff about the governor of Illinois for two months, and two months might have made the difference in the outcome of the presidential election. I’ll hang up and listen to your comment.

RUSH: Okay, feel free, if you want to hang up. That is an interesting thought. I myself, ladies and have been curious about this. My curiosity was first aroused when the thing was shut down, the investigation was shut down. Remember, it was I, El Rushbo, Mr. Reality, who asked a question, ‘Why shut it down? Why shut it down? The whole purpose of the investigation is to last until as many people are uncovered as you can get.’ You shut it down before a felony was committed! You shut it down before a felony was committed. I mean, Blagojevich may not have committed a felony yet. There may not really be anything he can be convicted of here in a court of law. Obviously the Democrat Party can do what they want. And then Fitzgerald went out and with that one-hour long press conference and announcing every item and detail about this, some defense attorney down the road could say the jury pool has been tainted, who knows.

So why stop it? Then after I started speculating on, ‘Why stop it?’ then I said, ‘How long has this been going on? How long have they been taping Blagojevich?’ I mean, if he’s trying to sell a Senate seat, I guarantee you this is not the first bit of corruption he’s been involved in. It’s Illinois. It’s Chicago. So, as our caller suggests, why wait ’til at this particular time to announce and shut down the investigation at the same time? If there were indictable offenses involving Blagojevich prior to the election, why were they not brought forth at that time? People are going to start asking these kinds of questions. The people asking will, of course, be ignored and the Drive-By Media will try to combine those who were asking the questions.

So it is an interesting aspect of this — and as our caller suggested, might it be that this investigation was prolonged and delayed (any knowledge of it) until after they elected so as to have no deleterious effect on the campaign of Barack Obama? And then was it shut down overnight before a step could be taken by the governor that would cause a problem for Obama after the election? I swear, folks, I was thinking about this the other night. I was asking some people, ‘Do you know any president-elects who have had scandals during the transition?’ I must admit, my friends, I have been expecting things like this, but not ’til February — and we’re getting this stuff in December. We’ve got a scandal during the transition.

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