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RUSH: Folks, we had a great weekend in Dallas. I went down on Saturday, flew down there Saturday for dinner with good friend ‘Albino’ Michaels. His wife, Linda, was along for the trip. And we had dinner at this place called Nick & Sam’s. I have a good friend who lives in Dallas, he’s retired from Goldman Sachs. His name is Dan Cook. Al and I had set this weekend up. This was like the fourth or fifth Sunday night game we’d been to this year. They’re just a blast. You know, I love football anyway, and it’s great going with Al and the NBC crew. So I called Dan, said, ‘Look, I’m not familiar with restaurants in Dallas.’ He was in Belize. He was fishing down there, in the Caribbean superpower, Belize. He was down there fishing. And I said, ‘Can you give me a suggestion for a place with no coat and tie?’

I gave him all the requirements. He came back and said the best place — it’s not Allen Brothers, but — is Nick & Sam’s. It’s a great place to go, but it’s not Allen Brothers. I said, ‘What do you mean, Allen Brothers?’ Well, Dan’s been to my house many, many times and has partaken of my serving of Allen Brothers prime rib, veal, fillet strips and so forth. But he suggested Nick & Sam’s place, and I said, ‘Al, this is the best recommendation I got.’

He said, ‘I don’t want to drive 30 minutes to go eat dinner. We could have dinner in the hotel.’

‘No,’ I said. ‘I’ve been suggested this place is fabulous.’

So Al arranges a car. We get in the limousine. We’re on the way down there. I guess we’ve been in the car about 20 minutes, and he says who ‘Now, who again is your friend who recommended this place?’

I said, ‘Dan Cook, he’s a good friend. He’s down fishing in Belize.’

Al says, ‘I feel like we’re driving to Belize. (laughing) When are we gonna get there?’

We got there and the place was fabulous. It was fabulous, and there were a lot of people from the New York Giants in there. Howard Cross who used to be great tight end. I ran into him in Pittsburgh when the Giants were in town to play the Steelers, but the place was just fabulous. The people that run this joint couldn’t have been nicer. The food was outstanding. And then Sunday we got to Texas Stadium about, I don’t know, six o’clock. We went down on the field and spent about 25 minutes with Jerry Jones. He introduced me to ‘Pacman’ Jones. Ted Nugent sang the National Anthem, and I saw The Nuge on the sideline, and he didn’t know that he was there, verse vice-a, and he was posing with people for pictures so he’s posing for people.

I walked up and inserted myself in the picture at one point and started singing Cat Scratch Fever, and he turned around and looked at me and said, ‘Whoa!’ He was decked out in his camouflage garb and the camouflage cowboy hat and his wife was there, but it was just a great time. And the people down in Dallas were just superb, and I wanted to make sure and thank everybody here publicly for making it a memorable weekend. It was just a fabulous weekend. (interruption) Heh, heh. Snerdley shouting into my ear, would I mention how glad I was the Cowboys won. I was conflicted here. I was conflicted on this game. Some of my real good friends own the Giants. In fact, I was standing on the sideline in Grey Ruegamer, one of the offensive linemen for the Giants came over, and I saw this big hulk running to the sideline where we were standing, and I said, ‘He’s gotta be heading here.’

I’m looking around. ‘Where’s he headed?’ and he came up to me, and he stuck out his hand. He said, ‘You keep doing what you’re doing,’ and I shook his hand, and I didn’t know who it was because the helmet was on. I didn’t know if it was Grey Ruegamer ’til he turned around and walked back to the warm-ups and could read his name on the jersey. A lot of Cowboys were looking at me suspiciously, ’cause we were on their sideline during the pregame warm-ups. We were literally three or four feet from some of them. But the Cowboys needed the game more than the Giants did. Snerdley is a big Cowboys fan, but it was a great experience, and everybody down there was just superb. I was sitting there thinking, you know, what a charmed, blessed life that I have to be able to do this. I mean football, you people know I love football. It is a passion, and to be able to be that close to it, and meet the people who play and run that business and so forth, it was just a great thrill.

And you meet these people and they’re everything you want them to be. You know, they’re nice. They’re outgoing and so forth. Jerry Jones just went out of his way to be nice. He must have spent 20 minutes with us, and Al was down there with his wife Linda and all kinds of people. They assigned a couple people to make sure we got where we were going. It was just tremendous. And the fans! We own Dallas. I mean, we literally own Dallas. I mean, the only place that I’ve been in a football stadium where I have been treated rudely is at the University of Nebraska when Missouri (my home state) played. That’s the only football stadium I have ever been disrespected. I mean, I’ve had people flip me the bird. I’ve had people shout insults at me and follow me all around the field from the stands, and it was… (interruption)

What was that? Nobody’s thrown a shoe at me. Nobody threw a shoe. No, just, you know, meaningless words and so forth. One guy in Nebraska, the cops had to go and take him out. He was some student following around, and he was shouting. You know, I can’t hear this stuff because of my cochlear implant, but I was with Kathryn, and she got all worried. ‘Let’s keep moving. Let’s keep moving. There’s some nutcase following you around.’ And I said, ‘I’m not going to look. I don’t want this guy to even know I hear what he said,’ because I didn’t hear him and finally I got to one of the corners of the end zone and the ruckus got to be so bad that I saw a couple cops coming to drag the guy away, and some people in our group were yelling up at him.

Apparently, he said I’m responsible for the country falling into the abyss. I’m the worst thing that ever happened to America. He’s a Missouri fan! And then I got around to the other corner and that’s where a bunch of other Missouri fans flipped me the bird. The Nebraska student section is all standing up and applauding. (laughing) So the only football stadium I’ve been where I have been treated rudely has been the University of Nebraska when Missouri fans, my home state, my home state! It didn’t hurt my feelings, my friends. It is what it is. In fact, I’ll be honest about something. When I’m walking around… Oh! I should put this picture on the website. We’re walking around. This is at Nebraska, and it’s the night they played Missouri, and we’re walking around to the… We got two corners to go; we’ve walked both sidelines, and we’re coming down to one corner, and they had a bunch of media people there, and they make the media people wear these bright green vests that say ‘Media’ on the back.

So I saw this one babe that had the jacket on, ‘Media,’ and I grabbed her, and I turned her around, and I put my arm around her so that her back was to the camera, and we took a picture of this babe, ‘Media’ plain as day on her jacket with me with a funny expression pointing at her, and her supervisor came up. I think he was with ESPN or something. ‘All right, what’s going on here? What’s going on?’

‘Nothing, nothing. Nothing at all, sir. Just having a little fun.’

‘Oh, okay.’

‘Well, move on. Move on.’

She was just playful as she could be and going along with it fine. Then I got to the final corner before we hit the spot to leave and I look up at the Missouri student section, and there’s some guy. He flips me the bird. So I flipped him back. I did! I just put a big smile on my face and I flipped him back, and a state trooper from Nebraska came up and said, ‘I saw it. I saw it. He started it. You are in the clear.’ But nothing like that happened in Dallas. It never does anywhere else. Only when Missouri fans are in the crowd do I get dissed.


RUSH: John in Cleveland. Great to have you, sir, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Oh, hello. So nice to talk to you, Rush. I wanted to ask you, you said that you love football, and I wanted to know, since you came up and kind of in your career in baseball, what do you like better, baseball or football?

RUSH: Oh, football. I used to be the biggest baseball fan on earth. But when you work for a baseball team or any sports team, and I did for five years, it becomes your job, and there were things about the job that I didn’t like.

CALLER: Uh-huh. I understand.

RUSH: So I just lost some of the ingredients necessary to be a fan.

CALLER: Okay. The other thing I was going to ask you, you may not even know they’re playing tonight, and I believe that the — I know the Browns are playing, I believe they’re playing the Iggles, and I want to know who you’re going to root for, the Iggles or the Browns tonight?

RUSH: Well, this is not a game where you root. I mean, this game means nothing to my team.

CALLER: Right. That’s true.

RUSH: My team’s the Steelers. This game to me is just, I mean, I love football, I’m going to watch it.


RUSH: First thing I’m going to do, I’m going to watch it, I’m going to watch the fourth quarter of the Steelers game from yesterday, I didn’t get a chance to see that because I had to leave for the Giants-Cowboys, but I’m just going to watch this with the interest of a fan who loves the game. And there’s interesting things to watch about both teams. You know, the Iggles, they still have a glimmer of a chance for the playoffs. But they’ve gotta win out, which means they have to win tonight and they have to win next week against the Redskins. They also are having, you know, big problems internally with, you know, what are they going to do with their quarterback situation next year, their head coach going to be back, all these things because of the dismal season they’ve had up till the last couple of weeks. They generally play well in December. The Browns have their own problems. They don’t have a quarterback playing tonight that they think is going to be playing at all next year. They’ve got big, big problems there. But they’re playing for nothing, and that’s when you lay loosy-goosy and just go out and have fun, so it’s going to be interesting to see.

CALLER: Rush, one more comment if I may?

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Relative to Colin Powell, you know, I certainly would not diminish the service that he’s given to the country, but there always has been to me and always will be, and also Barack Obama, there’s a certain elitism in both of them that I just always detect.

RUSH: A certain what?

CALLER: A certain elitism.

RUSH: Elitism.

CALLER: Yes. And I think it kind of shows in some of his comments and how he carries himself. But again, that’s just my opinion.

RUSH: Well, I think it’s a valid one. I think it’s something that makes a lot of sense. Remember, again, they’re both Washingtonians, and they define their success by how loved they are and how respected they are by the power brokers within that circle, and they both are. They’re both highly respected. They’re very much adored. They both are considered to have irreproachable ethics and reputations and so forth, despite the Blago thing, for Obama. And that’s what they feed off of, and there’s all kinds of people in the world. Some seek the love and adoration of others as a means of feeling good about themselves. Others don’t give a rat’s rear end what other people think of them. Some people are obsessed with the media loving them and do whatever they can to get that. I think in the Washingtonian crowd, it’s an incestuous, symbiotic relationship where they’re all of the same stripe regardless whether they call themselves Republicans or Democrats. There are very few, if any, genuine conservatives who are in the power structure of Washingtonians. They’re all moderates or liberals, and mostly Democrats. And conservatives, they’re quite effective in having people around the country look disapprovingly at Washingtonians, and so they want to silence any of the critics and criticism that get the so-called rabble — people like you — all worked up about what’s going on in Washington. That’s what animates them and motivates them.

CALLER: Yeah. Really appreciate talking to you, Rush.

RUSH: John, the pleasure is mine. Good luck tonight against the Iggles.

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