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RUSH: Somebody just sent me a note saying, ‘Are you doing okay today? Content sounds stellar, but your breaks sound funky.’ What in the hell does that mean? Breaks sound funky? Well, they all have a look of exasperated shock and surprise and wonderment on their faces, as did I when I read it. That’s why you have to be immune to any criticism, folks. It can drive you nuts. Let me practice going to a break. Affiliates, we are not going to go to a break. I’m just pretending to go to a break here. Mike, who can’t be the stinger — the five-second, ear-splitting tone — and we’re just going to practice here. I’m going to figure out what sounds funky about this.

Okay, folks. That’s it! Gotta take a brief time-out. I’ll be back right after this. Don’t go away. (ear-splitting tone)

How did that sound? Sound okay? Sound like…? (interruption) Is that…? (interruption) Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh! The wiseacre engineer says he’s… That’s what it is. Why didn’t you chime in and tell me that? (interruption) He says that the breaks sound funky because I’m continuing to talk when the breaks happen. Well, that’s not my fault. That’s the engineer is screwing up hitting the break tone before I’m ready for it. That’s why it sounds funky. Okay. Here. I want you to grab Barney Frank real quick, here. Grab Barney. We’re not going to play the whole thing. Just grab Banking Queen, and we’re going to practice going into a break again. I’m going to illustrate what the broadcast engineer says I’m doing that makes the breaks sound funky so at the end of the ear-splitting tone, Mike, you start the Barney Frank thing as though it’s a commercial, okay? All right. Here we go. This is a sample I guess of a funky sounding break.
And that’s it, folks, gotta take a brief time-out, a little long in this segment. I’ll be right back. Do not go away! Rush Limbaugh and… (ear-splitting tone) have you heard about Caroline Kennedy, by the way?

Wait a minute, I was… Is that what you were talking about, sounding funky? Still, you see how we hit the post? We hit the post on that even screwing around. That’s professionalism!

(playing of Banking Queen)

RUSH: I should have asked the Vice President if he has heard this. Let it run a little bit here.

(continued playing of song)

RUSH: You heard this? Oh, this is cool. Banking Queen.

(continued playing of song)

RUSH: All right, that’s Paul Shanklin as Barney Frank and the Banking Queen. A lot of people have asked me to put a transcript of that up on the website, because they can’t understand the words. There is no transcript. It’s Barney Frank. You cannot understand what he’s saying anyway. That is the whole point, ladies and gentlemen.

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