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RUSH: This Rod Blagojevich in Illinois, the governor, this guy is a piker. I mean, he was looking for payoffs, pay for play, he called it, he was looking for big bucks. And while he’s looking for payoffs, the Clintons got them. The Clinton team has finally released some of the donors and the amounts for the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor, and there are 205,000 donors on this website. The Clintons have ended ten years of resistance to identifying the sources of its money. Saudi Arabia is among the biggest donors to the Clinton Foundation. It turns out that Blago is a piker. If you’re out there selling influence, don’t look for a couple low-paying jobs for you and your wife and some low six-figure donations. If you’re out there looking to peddle influence, you gotta go get tens of millions of dollars from international players, and then after you do that, you get yourself named secretary of state so that the back scratching can continue. You’re even willing to take a pay cut from Senator to secretary of state, cause there’s a law out there — the Founding Fathers, ladies and gentlemen, for those of you who voted for Obama, Founding Fathers are the people that wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and built the United States of America.

You may not have been taught about the Founding Fathers in school, but that’s what they did and who they are. They had a profound belief that government could be too intrusive and get too big very easily, and so they wrote the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments of the US Constitution, which specifically spelled out limits against the government. The Bill of Rights tells government what it cannot do to us. And, of course, Obama looks at the Bill of Rights as negative rights, and he doesn’t like them. There’s this new movement among the left to look at the Bill of Rights and say it limits government too much and we gotta do something about this. These are negative rights, and it’s not good because, while it says what government can’t do to people, it doesn’t say what government must do for people. Well, that was the idea of the founding. The government wasn’t supposed to do for anybody other than provide for the national defense and a couple other, you know, big-ticket items like that. But now that’s been swept under the rug, and the whole notion here is, you know, ask not what your country can do for you, demand it. Demand what your country can do for you.

So here we have Blagojevich running around looking for all of these small fry donations from punks, like Jesse Jackson Jr., instead the Clintons are showing everybody how this is done, get tens of millions of dollars from international players and then become secretary of state. You might say, ‘How can she become secretary of state because she was in the Senate?’ Well, no, you might not say this, some of you in the audience, because some of you may not know that this law existed, but the framers way back in the early days said that if, for example, you’re in the Senate, you could not take a job somewhere else in public service, you couldn’t go to secretary of state. If, while you’re serving in the Senate the salary for secretary of state had been raised, because you in the Senate vote — so you couldn’t vote yourself a pay raise. Imagine that. You could not vote yourself a pay raise. So Mrs. Clinton was in violation of that law because she authorized — many other senators did — a pay raise for the secretary of state while she was in the Senate. And so Mrs. Clinton, ‘I’ll fix that, I’ll fix that, I’ll take a pay cut. I will not take the raise. I will not accept what the secretary of state is at present making.’ And why should she? Two-hundred-and-five thousand donors to the President Clinton foundation, number one, Saudi Arabia.

She’s going to go over to sec state, and she’s going to be able to continue to scratch the backs of people who have donated to the Clinton Foundation. Ladies and gentlemen, the news is filled with corruption that is now being institutionalized. When many of these donations came into the Clinton Foundation the donors were investing in the Clintons. That’s how in part it was sold. (paraphrasing) ‘We’re the ex-president and first lady, we have contacts. We can get done anything you need to do. Invest in us.’ And remember, now, at the time they’re out there soliciting donations for the Clinton Library, Massage Parlor, and Foundation, at that time Hillary was supposed to be the next president, so when you donated to the Clinton Foundation, you were buying favor with who everybody thought was going to be the next president of the United States. The Clinton quid pro quo market fell apart when Obama won. But by putting Hillary back in as secretary of state the Clintons are once again a good investment. And here’s poor old Blagojevich in Illinois scratching his head saying, ‘How the hell did this happen to me? I’m a piker compared to these guys. These guys are heralded, the Clintons are loved and celebrated and everybody thinks they’re the greatest politicians come down the pike, everybody thinks I’m a thief.’

When it’s all said and done, ladies and gentlemen, the Clintons will make tens of millions of dollars in the foundation and personally during Hillary’s tenure as secretary of state. The money machine just got ginned up again. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg will shore up the financial picture of her family. You know, there’s a lot of Kennedys dipping into the Kennedy fortune these days, a lot of Kennedys that don’t work. So you need to do something here to make the Kennedys again something to invest in. Blago, if he would just get out of the way in Illinois, the crooks can get back to doing business the way they’re used to doing it, and Biden will get his son in as his replacement as a Senator in Delaware, and the beat goes on. So it’s politics as usual, it’s members of the political class, the Washingtonians getting rich trading on their public service. Most of the people doing this are big-time liberal Democrats. Nobody smells anything odd about it, nobody says a peep about it except when Blagojevich comes along and clumsily exposes how the whole thing operates.

We now know, and we’ve known for a long time, why they want to get rid of Blago. Blago is an embarrassment. Democrats don’t turn on Democrats unless they threaten to expose the whole game, and Blago, in his ineptitude here, you know, $600 grand, $500 grand, sell a Senate seat, working with Jesse Jackson, this is embarrassing, this is chump change to what the Clintons and the Kennedys have going on, and Blago has to go. So as soon as he gets out of the way, as soon as they figure out a way, whatever his price is, they’re going to have to meet it ’cause he’s in it for that, and then we can get back to the normal culture of corruption that goes on beneath the surface that nobody sees and everybody apparently seems to love because it’s Democrats who care about people, who are engaging in it. One thing, this isn’t hope and change. What this is is bolstering a culture of corruption and an insiders game that has nothing to do with putting taxpayers in the country first.


RUSH: Now, I was talking with Snerdley mere moments ago, ladies and gentlemen, because we saw a story about the Clinton Foundation. This is such a scam. That’s why I said earlier, Blagojevich is such a piker. He is working with people like Jesse Jackson Jr. and whoever else, you know, wanting half million dollars or a million dollars’ maybe a couple of little think tank jobs or corporate jobs for him and his wife. He didn’t get the money! The little small-timer blew it, the piker. The Clinton Foundation: $500 million! The largest contributor: Saudi Arabia. We were discussing this with Snerdley earlier. ‘How many of the donors have been scrubbed on this list?’ How many people did they scrub and allow to be scrubbed? And so we’re all thinking, ‘Well, why would Hillary take this Secretary of State gig?’ Because remember when the Clintons were raising all this money for the foundation, everybody in the world thought she was going to be the next president. So they were buying whatever they wanted from the next Clinton administration early.

That’s what this was all about, then all of a sudden things blow up and Barry wins. Barry could have frozen them out. Barry coulda ended ’em; Barry coulda buried ’em, but instead Barry puts her at SecState, where all these people who donated to Slick Willie’s foundation will now be working with her. Blagojevich has gotta be sitting there looking at this and saying, ‘They’re coming after me? I haven’t even sold anything yet, and look what’s happened here with the Clintons and Barry,’ and then this. Folks, this is just classic. This is from AP-Obama. No byline, by the way, because they’re on a byline strike there at AP. ‘The future of security contractor Blackwater Worldwide just got a little more politically sensitive. Newly released records show the largest security contractor in Iraq donated between $10,000 and $25,000 to former President Bill Clinton’s foundation. Assuming Hillary Rodham Clinton is confirmed as Secretary of State, she will have final say on whether Blackwater will keep its contract despite a deadly shooting last year.’ As Secretary of State, she determines whether Blackwater keeps their Fed security contract. And they’ve given 15 to 25 grand to the Clinton Foundation, the Library and Massage Parlor. Fascinating stuff, is it not, ladies and gentlemen?

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