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You know, ladies and gentlemen, the media is getting a little testy with Obama. Two pieces here from ABC News’ The Note about how Obama is not taking any questions in these press conferences, how he’s not saying anything at the press conferences, he’s not providing information the press wants, such as, who on his staff spoke to Blago however many times. He’s putting it off until next week, blaming it on Fitzgerald. And today, the second piece from ABC: ‘Words Matter: Pablum from the President-Elect.’ This is ABC News. ‘Every day this week, Obama has held a press conference to introduce new members of his team. In each instance, Obama has said … not a whole lot.’ See, I’ve told you this. They’re just now catching up to it. Obama says nothing. He just says it better than anybody else. It’s how he says what he says, it’s not what he says.

‘Here’s a sampling from his opening statements: Monday: ‘In the next few years, the choices that we make will help determine the kind of country and world that we will leave to our children and our grandchildren.’ Tuesday: ‘In the next few years, the decisions we make, about how to educate our children, will shape our future for generations to come. Wednesday: ‘Our wide open spaces are not only a blessing to be enjoyed; they are the foundations of a brighter future.’ Thursday: ‘We need to restore and renew those rules today, so that every American from Wall Street to Main Street can have the chance to prosper once more.’ Then the thankful appointees do their best imitations of Oscar winners (‘Thank you, Mr. President-elect’; ‘I wish to thank you, President-elect Obama’). Then come a few questions, where Obama’s main goal seems to be,’ not to answer. They’re getting a little testy. The Note from this morning…

ABC News’ The Note: ‘A last burst of picks will be announced Friday by Obama at 2:15 pm ET, then he’ll take a few questions … you know the drill by now. (Apparently, all it took was four press conferences — plus this flare-up on the left — to ensure no more questions about Gov. Rod Blagojevich, D-Ill.)’ And that’s what they want to know. They want to know about Blagojevich.

The media doesn’t care about Rick Warren; only the gay activists care about Rick Warren. The media wants to know about Blagojevich, and he’s not saying anything. And they’re saying Clinton gets away with this 2,000-page document dump this week. Obama gets to dump whatever news he has next week while nobody is around to report on it because it’s Christmas week, pay attention or what have you. AP is reporting ‘President-elect Barack Obama says the government has been ‘asleep at the switch’ when it comes to overseeing the nation’s financial system.
He says Americans are ‘feeling frustrated that there’s not a lot of adult supervision.”’ However, Citigroup’s primary federal regulator is Timothy Geitner, Obama’s pick for Treasury secretary. The guy who was in charge of regulating what was going on at Citibank and watching it. The adult who was awake at the switch did nothing while Citibank imploded and Obama has made him, ladies and gentlemen, the Treasury secretary. Obama can’t get by without a few friends helping him along, ladies and gentlemen.

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