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RUSH: Matthew in Cincinnati, I’m glad you waited. Welcome to Open Line Friday. Hello. Matthew?

CALLER: Hello? Hi.

RUSH: Hey!

CALLER: In light of your previous story, it’s Christmastime, and it sounds like the liberal media is once again comparing Barack Obama to Jesus. There’s no room in the inn!

RUSH: Yeah. I was on the verge of saying this, but I knew that somebody like you would call and get me off the hook and say it yourself. Grab audio sound bite number ten, Ed. The city of Washington is having some trouble finding suitable accommodations for the incoming queen and the president. She wants to stay at Blair House, but it’s booked, and nothing else will do. This is from Good Morning America today, a montage of the correspondent David Wright, and you’ll also hear ABC News’ Cokie Roberts.

WRIGHT: The Obama family asked for an early check-in at Blair House, the presidential guest quarters across the street from the White House, but the Bush administration said no. Apparently Blair House is booked. The White House kindly offered up temporary accommodations on a nearby military base. The Obamas politely declined. They’ve also apparently ruled out his Senate apartment. The couple told 60 Minutes Michelle Obama has never slept there. The future first lady recently stayed at the Mayflower, a hotel that’s probably eager to have famous guests other than Eliot Spitzer. But hotel rooms in this city are now in short supply.

ROBERTS: There are all kinds of fancy hotels in Washington. They are likely to be booked because of the inauguration, but I suspect that they’d make some room for the Obama family.

RUSH: I do, too. And, by the way, the inauguration is not ’til the 20th. I don’t think these rooms are booked for two weeks. They just want to move in there from the 2nd to the 15th. But the caller is right. Mary and Joseph heading into town, there’s no room at the inn. Oh, how horrible! How could Washington be this vicious! How could the Bush administration be so mean and inconsiderate and insensitive to deny the Blair House. Well, apparently it’s booked and the tradition says you don’t get in there if you’re the incoming president until the 15th of January.

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