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RUSH: Now, there is a letter to the editor at the AmericanThinker.com today. I just touched on it. Dear editor: ‘I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but I have detected a new crisis that I have named ‘the daylight change crisis.’ I first noticed it sometime around the end of June this year. I started paying attention and created computer models and sure enough I was right! We are losing daylight at an astonishing rate. Each day we are losing approximately 2 minutes of daylight and my computer models predict total darkness by next July. I have been able to detect this phenomenon around the entire Northern Hemisphere. And here is the scary part: the daylight appears to be leaking to the Southern Hemisphere. I thought I should bring it to the attention of great scientists like Al Gore so he can help solve this new crisis.’ This is actually brilliant. And this is brilliant because this is a great illustration of how the entire global warming scare is happening. In the summertime, they will tell you the ice at the Antarctic and the Arctic Circles is disappearing. They never tell us about the disappearing ice this time of year, they never tell us about the increasing ice. I thought it was pretty good.


RUSH: Gainesville, Florida. Caroline, nice to have you with us on the EIB Network. Hello.



CALLER: Yes. I’m calling in. You were talking about the two minutes a day that we’re losing in sunlight.

RUSH: The crisis, yes.

CALLER: Okay, well, I’ve been studying this for a couple of years now. It shows it in the Mayan calendar, they have five calendars. They have the calendar that is the 24-hour a day —

RUSH: We don’t use the Mayan calendar and they’re extinct.

CALLER: Listen to this. This is the explanation, now. You want to hear it? We are in a wobble, and we’re coming out of it because all the planets are going around at different states, places in the solar system, and they are soon going to be lining up, and when they do, this is creating gravitational pole shifting. It’s straightening the earth up, so it’s going to be spinning like a top. Just spun. It’s not going to have a wobble anymore. And whenever it’s spinning like that, it’s spinning faster. And of course we’re going around and we’re spinning faster and we’re losing these minutes. So we’re going into this new Mayan calendar, they wrote it, they experienced it and we’re going to be straightening up, we’re not going to be wobbling.

RUSH: My friends, let me confirm what Caroline here in Gainesville, Florida, is saying. If the wobble is ending, then we in the northern hemisphere, by next June or July, will be out of light. It will be permanently dark. Computer models indicate this. We’re losing two minutes of light a day. There’s no end in sight to this. And if it keeps up, computer models say we’re in total darkness, and she’s right, all the light is going down in the southern hemisphere. And I guess even the Mayan calendars, all five of them, predicted this.

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