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RUSH: Did you see the video of the water main break in Bethesda, Maryland, today? You didn’t see that, Brian? It was huge. It’s huge water main. I mean, it must have been one of the biggest water mains in America. It was in Bethesda, Maryland, suburban Washington; and there were all kinds of people trapped in their cars who had no idea that this giant flood was heading at them. And they had to get rescued by boat, by helicopter and so forth, and I was amazed watching this. Just to show you how sensitized I have become to the environment, just to show you how much I care, while all these cable networks were worrying about the people that were trapped in their cars, I was saying, ‘What about all this water that’s being wasted?

‘What about the environmental damage this water is causing? Who knows what ecosystems are being destroyed here?’ And then I thought, ‘Wait a minute. Water main equals what? Infrastructure! Infrastructure on the outskirts of Washington, DC,’ and then I realized it is but mere days, weeks, until the inauguration of Obama, who pledges a massive stimulus plan featuring infrastructure repair. So we have Chuck Schumer starting a run on banks with IndyMac in July leading to a total economic collapse; Barney Frank and the boys are helping out here. It spun a little bit out of control. Now we’ve got a water main break Christmas week?


RUSH: My friends, I want to tell you something. Many of you probably think that I no longer am self-impressed or even dazzled when I forecast something that turns out to be true because, let’s face it, it happens regularly and after awhile such things can become routine. But I want you to understand, that’s not the case. Every time I make a prediction and it comes true, sometimes in a matter of hours, I am still dazzled by myself. It has happened. Ladies and gentlemen, it has happened. We started this program two hours ago, exactly two hours ago, and at that time, in the opening monologue, I referenced the broken water main in Bethesda, Maryland, and I made the point that I was the one with compassion. While all the media was concerned about the people that were trapped in this thing in their cars, I was the one concerned about the water. I was the one concerned about the damage to the environment, the wastefulness of the water in this broken water main. And then, ladies and gentlemen, I said something very close to the following: I said, ‘Isn’t this fascinating? A mere few short weeks prior to the inauguration of Barack Obama, who plans to spend beaucoup bucks on fixing the infrastructure, why, a major water main fractures in suburban nation’s capital, Bethesda, Maryland.’

Ladies and gentlemen, just seven minutes ago while watching DNCTV they had a reporter on the scene at the site of the flood that resulted from the broken water main. The subject of the report was, ‘Broken water main illustrates need for infrastructure repair.’ It took less than two hours for my prediction of the way the Drive-By Media would eventually portray this to actually happen, and it happened on the Obama network, MSNBC. I’m looking at this, I was in Snerdley’s office, I was so excited when I saw it, I ran to the monitor, I said, ‘Look at this, look at this!’ Because Snerdley was still over there complaining and whining and moaning about Obama voters and when are they going to realize they’ve been taken. Maryland didn’t know it was broken. They didn’t know it was broken ’til it broke. How many other water mains are going to go between now and the inauguration? At least two. I will predict, maybe not water mains, but somebody will catch a bridge moments before it was to collapse, there will be a buckled highway bridge. There will be, in the next four weeks, major miracles spotting impending disasters in our infrastructure. This one they didn’t catch in time. But it serves its purpose. All the people were saved — of course the ecodamage, they could even parlay that, and of course the wasteful water.


RUSH: PMSNBC this afternoon on their program called It’s the Economy. We have a montage here of an exchange between the anchors Contessa Brewer and Melissa Francis.

BREWER: Freezing temperatures caused a big pipe in Bethesda, Maryland, to burst. It happened during the morning rush hour, and that, of course, caused icy waters rushing into a nearby roadway. More than a dozen people were trapped in their vehicles.

FRANCIS: This story also highlights the nation’s need for serious infrastructural repairs, a top priority of the incoming Obama administration as part of a massive economic stimulus plan.

BREWER: I talked to congressman Chris Von Holland today, that’s his district with where the water main break happened and he told me that repairing this kind of infrastructure, these pipes that carry water supplies to cities, it’s gotta be priority number one with an immediate economic stimulus bill. He expects that to happen right away when Obama takes office.

RUSH: We see examples of media slavishness and slavering all the time. This, for some reason, takes the cake, and I know it’s hard to say that any one incident takes the cake. Obama’s not even going to have to fight for this agenda. All he’s gotta do is announce one time what he wants to do, the Drive-Bys are going to take care of the agenda and getting it done. ‘This highlights the need for infrastructure.’ It does no such thing. There are a lot of water mains out there older than this that have not busted. By the way, did you notice what the cause was? They kinda just slid right past this one. Did you hear? Freezing temperatures. Freezing temperatures, ladies and gentlemen, during global warming. Freezing temperatures caused a big pipe to burst. Now, how does that happen? How do freezing temperatures cause a big pipe to burst? Normally what happens is that water expands when it freezes, gets bigger. But that would be a lot of water to have to freeze, and that’s moving water, in a water main. So I doubt that the water was frozen, but if it was, it was damn cold, in the midst of global warming.

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