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Rush’s Morning Update: Change!
Original Airdate: August 18, 2008

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A few weeks ago, an AP story detailed a discovery in Antarctica. Scientists studying the ice came across the remnants of moss on a valley floor. Further study revealed the remains of tiny crustaceans, insects, and pollen from beech trees and other plant life.

The scientific explanation given for this was that last 50 million years, the earth has been cooling. About 14 million years ago, the climate was different in Antarctica. It was warmer than today – able to support life.

Let’s turn to another climate. This week, AP released another item. A University of Chicago team was searching for dinosaur bones in Africa, in the barren Sahara Desert. Guess what they found? Human remains, laid to rest on a bed of flowers. Earlier digs have uncovered a graveyard near what once was a lake. A few thousand years ago there were large fish, crocodiles — and humans were out hunting for breakfast and dinner with harpoons! Now, it’s just a desert.

Now, all of this climate activity took place long before the existence of cars, light bulbs, plastic bags, electricity plants, Big Oil, Big Coal. And yet the climate was changing, as it has changed since the earth was created. The climate was changing long before the environmentalist wackos started scaring and blaming America with horror tales of manmade global warming. And the climate will keep changing no matter what human beings do! We can’t cause it; we can’t stop it — and that’s change you can believe in.

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