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RUSH: I love this Blago story. Blago sticking it to the Democrats in Washington and sticking it to The One, The Messiah, the Most Merciful, Barack Obama. This Roland Burris guy holding a press conference now saying, ‘Hey, I’m going, Illinois needs full representation.’ As I said earlier today, Mr. Burris, if Harry Reid will not seat you, go to Denny’s. They will seat you if Harry Reid will not. Try this. Harry Reid calls Blagojevich, and Blagojevich then spills the beans, and Harry Reid is now calling Blagojevich a liar, so is Dick Durbin. Reid calls Blagojevich, says, (paraphrasing) ‘I don’t want Burris, I don’t want Jesse Jackson Jr. and I don’t want Emil Jones,’ the godfather of Obama. They all happen to be black. This is a seat occupied by a black, Obama, although an inauthentic black, according to David Ehrenstein of the Los Angeles Times and others. And so Dingy Harry says, ‘I don’t want these three guys.’ If a Republican called a governor and said, ‘Don’t give me three people who are black,’ can you imagine? I want Tammy Duckworth or I want Lisa Madigan, I want a white woman in there, said Dingy Harry. And Dingy Harry made a ridiculous, humorous attempt to show that he’s not racist on Meet the Press yesterday by saying, (paraphrasing) ‘Hey, I searched high and low to find a black woman to make a federal judge,’ and he lied about that.


RUSH: Caroline Kennedy looks like she’s going to be appointed to the Senate by the unelected governor of New York — and they say Bush was not legitimate. (laughing) You know, maybe this Burris guy, who was appointed by Blago, should just change his name to Kennedy, Roland Kennedy. You know, folks, where is the indictment of Blago? Where are the charges from the US attorney’s office in Chicago? Remember, ladies and gentlemen, I, again, as always, was the first to ask, why in the world would the US attorney stop the investigation at a point in time where not everybody involved had been snared? Why stop the investigation before Blago had actually sold the Senate seat? Why do that? And that question, ladies and gentlemen, is now beginning to surface, sparingly, but nevertheless surface on some cable shows. Why was this investigation stopped in the first place? Where is the indictment? Where are the charges against Blagojevich? Seems like the US attorney’s leaving it up to the Illinois legislature to impeach the poor guy, who was simply following in the great Chicago tradition. His only mistake was getting caught. That’s why ethics education for state employees gets underway tomorrow in Illinois to teach them how not to get caught when they engage in the Chicago way.

The US attorney for Chicago said that charges for Blago may not be for 60 days or so, and so people are beginning to ask, ‘Where are the charges?’ Some people beginning to ask where are the charges are beginning to say, ‘Where is the evidence he did anything wrong?’ He didn’t actually sell the seat because they stopped him in the process. And now I love the fact that he’s sticking it, Blago is, to Harry Reid and Obama by nominating this Burris guy, who isn’t going to go away. Burris, he’s going to try to get seated. Harry Reid says he’s not going to seat him, sergeant-at-arms going to try to keep him out of there. This is Democrats denying a black man duly appointed by a sitting governor in the state of Illinois, a seat in the United States Senate. Once again it’s Democrats engaging in blatant racism. Wall Street Journal, a great editorial on January 3rd entitled: ”Harry Reid vs. The Constitution.’ If Roland Burris isn’t fit for the Senate, how is Chris Dodd?’ Excellent question. If Roland Burris isn’t fit, how is Chris Dodd fit for the Senate? I love that question.


Here’s Roland Burris, who ought to change his name to Kennedy. This afternoon at his press conference, unidentified reporter says, ‘Why would you want to be associated with Governor Blagojevich? I mean, he’s tainted.’

BURRIS: Am I tainted?

REPORTER: Well, but he did appoint you.

BURRIS: So? He signed some bills. Are those bills he signed illegal?

REPORTER: We don’t know.

BURRIS: What do you mean, you don’t know? You don’t want to know because you don’t want to know the answer because it keeps you working.

RUSH: This guy is firing back at these people, ‘What do you mean you don’t know? You don’t want to know because you don’t want to know the answer because it keeps you working.’ Wow. Roland Burris firing both barrels at a Drive-By reporterette. ‘I mean, he’s tainted.’ ‘Am I tainted?’ ‘Well, but he did appoint you.’ ‘So?’ Another reporter then said, ‘Does it bother you the fact that Illinois’s become sort of a laughingstock of the nation, does it bother you at all?’

BURRIS: That’s because of the — all the media stories.

REPORTER: What do you rate your chances tomorrow of being seated?

BURRIS: We’ll see —

REPORTER: Do you think they’re 50/50? I mean 100%?

BURRIS: We’ll see. We’ll see. I don’t want to put a rating — I don’t want to put a rating on that. We’ll see.

REPORTER: You do expect tomorrow —

BURRIS: I — I am going there to be seated. I am the junior Senator from the state of Illinois.

RUSH: Roland Burris. He is. He’s been appointed by a sitting governor, Rod ‘Blago’ Blagojevich, and Dingy Harry is going to try to keep him out of there. It is a black man seeking the most he can be, and he didn’t do anything wrong, at least not by Chicago standards. You gotta figure any Democrat that gets elected in Chicago has some taint, but I mean in Illinois it’s not really a taint, it’s a badge of honor. The problem is you get caught, that’s Blago’s problem. I hope they try to destroy this guy. I really hope they try to keep him out. I’ve heard that Harry Reid, the sergeant-of-arms might even be armed, you know, if they have to.


RUSH: Charles in Oswego, Illinois, you’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program, sir. It’s great to have you here.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Mega first-time dittos from hopefully what will continue to be the Land of Lincoln, at least for a while.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: First, I just want to say two quick things. I just wanted to say God bless you for that last hour, what you said in the last hour about us standing up. And, you know, something that needed to be said, but seems to be sometimes you’re the only one who says it.

RUSH: Not sometimes.

CALLER: Well, all the time. Okay. (laughs) I was listening to your show today, and during the news they were talking about how our lieutenant governor was saying he was going to put a committee together to see how he could get rid of the corruption in Illinois, and it just kind of struck me. A thought came that, ‘Why don’t we just put some politicians in there who aren’t crooks?’ The Democrats seem to always have the answer of more laws and more government.

RUSH: That’s an excellent question. I take you back. This is the hubris and the arrogance of elected officials. Let me take you back to John McCain. John McCain said, ‘We need campaign finance reform because the system and money were corrupting good people,’ and of course it’s the other way around. Money is not the root of all evil. It is, in fact, just the opposite. The system is fine. It is corrupt people who corrupt it.


RUSH: Dingy Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, said that the appointment of Roland Burris by Blagojevich means that Burris himself is ‘tainted’ because of Blagojevich being tainted. Now, if that’s true, how is it that Barack Obama is not tainted by Tony Rezko? Tony Rezko has been convicted. If Burris is tainted by Blagojevich — who hasn’t been charged with anything yet, by the way — then why, ladies and gentlemen, was Obama not tainted by Blago? Why was Obama not tainted by Jeremiah Wright?


RUSH: Okay, folks, just announced here — I think it was just announced — it might have been last week, but Pat Fitzgerald has been granted permission by a US judge to extend the deadline to indict Blago from January 7th — a couple days from now — to April the 7th. My friends, you’re going to have to learn to laugh at this stuff for a time, anyway. I don’t know how long, but please trust me on this. You’re going to have to laugh. You’re going to have to be able to accept the fact that truth right now doesn’t matter, that the American people, enough of them, want to be lied to. Look at them as your kids. Your kids don’t want to hear bad news. The economy is bad, think back to Christmas. Did you tell them how bad it was going to be and that the presents might not be as plentiful, or did you lie to them? They don’t want to hear the bad news. The American people don’t want to hear it. It’s bad enough news, they want to hear lies, right now.

Truth is not a factor in defeating Obama right now, just isn’t. I’ll let you know when truth surfaces again and matters. Now, it matters to you and me. We will be truthful on this program. Don’t misunderstand me. I’m talking about in terms of the persuasion of that portion of the electorate that elected The One. It will be fun to watch the dawn rise and reality slap ’em in the ass and the face at the same time and send ’em to the bathroom with diarrhea and a bloody nose. But until such time we’re going to have to learn to laugh at this.

Dave in Lake Heron, New Mexico. I’ve got about 30 seconds here, but I wanted to get you since you’ve been holding a long time.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It’s been over 20 years I’ve been listening to you.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: I recently moved from California to New Mexico. As bad as California is, New Mexico is even worse. It didn’t surprise me what Richardson did pulling his name out of the hat. Would a state that has the leader of the Senate being prosecuted for corruption, two treasurers being sent up —

RUSH: None of this matters —

CALLER: — at the same time.

RUSH: — it doesn’t matter. That’s what I’m trying to tell you. Let it happen, but it’s not going to change anybody’s mind. Don’t get your hopes up on this stuff mattering. The Democrat Party right now can do no wrong.

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