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Rush’s Morning Update: Conflicts
January 6, 2009

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Well, my friends, we havea cornucopia of conflicting Democrat stories today.

The first one’s this,between Illinois Democrat Governor Rod Blagojevich and Democrat Senate Majority Leader Dingy Harry Reid. Blago says thatDingy Harry called him, telling him not to appoint any of the three black guys interested in the seat Obama is vacating in the Senate,but instead to chose between twonon-black women. Dingy Harry claims that Blago is making the whole thing up,while Reid continues to prevent Blago’s appointment– Roland Burris, a black guy– from ever taking office and being seated. So…which of these “honorable” Democrats are we to believe?

Story conflict Number Two. This one is between Lord Obama’s transition team and Bill Richardson,governor of New Mexico.The Messiah’s transitionteam claims that Richardson was not “forthcoming” before he was nominated to become Commerce Secretary. Team ‘Bamster says that they didn’t know about a federal investigation looking into whether Richardson steered a state contract to one of his big donors. Richardson’s camp says thatObama’s team was informed about the investigation from Day One.

Now, nomatter who you believe here, folks, Richardson’s gone– threwhimself under the bus. From this day forward, his name will be stricken from news reports. He’ll be exiled back to New Mexico, out of sight and out of mind, with this memo to Democrats: “Thou shalt not embarrass The Messiah, Lord Obama the Most Merciful.”

Speaking of conflicting Democrat stories, my friends,this is just the beginning. (It’s what happens when you have a party that cannot tell the truth.) As for Burris, if Harry Reid will not seat him in the Senate, Burris should go to Denny’s — they will seat him.

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