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RUSH: To Newark, Delaware, Bob, glad you called. You’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Yes, Rush. I was really glad to hear you bring up the Biden situation about the caretaker for the Senate seat for Beau Biden. My wife has filed a freedom of information request with the governor’s office concerning all documents involving this situation.

RUSH: Worthless.

CALLER: No, no, I absolutely agree with you, but the point is, she filed it, which hopefully then Minner won’t get some big position down the line because of this situation. But let me bring this to you, Rush. This is the second time a caretaker was done for Beau Biden. I don’t know if you’re aware of that. When the former attorney general moved to superior court, Minner, the governor here, appointed a caretaker for attorney general who promised not to primary Beau in the Democratic primary the next time around, and that’s obviously a requirement in this situation, to not primary Beau Biden.

RUSH: Well, wait, you have to help me with my historical knowledge. Did Beau Biden then become AG?

CALLER: He then ran, he was in primaries, and he ran and he became the AG, so he’s AG in Delaware right now.

RUSH: So Beau Biden is the AG?

CALLER: Beau Biden is the AG right now.

RUSH: Wait a minute now, I’m getting confused. Which one of the Bidens is in Iraq?

CALLER: That’s Beau Biden.

RUSH: Beau Biden is the attorney general while he’s in Iraq?

CALLER: Correct.

RUSH: Ho-ho-ho.


RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: But there was a caretaker —

RUSH: Yeah, I understand, okay, I got it, I got it. So this is the second time that nepotism has reared its ugly head from the Chia Pet father for the son to get where he wants him to go when the son might not be able to get there on his own?

CALLER: Absolutely. And in fact a very important point — see, the Delaware news media doesn’t really want to go near this too much because they’re thrilled with Joe Biden being vice president. But, you know, the fact is the Senate seat is Delaware’s Senate seat, it’s not Biden’s Senate seat. It doesn’t belong to him, it belongs to the people of Delaware, and-and, you know, we’re just going to keep —

RUSH: Just like the Illinois Senate seat does not belong to Harry Reid. The Senate is not the law.

CALLER: Absolutely.

RUSH: The Senate can’t change the law. The Senate cannot interpret it in any way it wants. But see, the media is not going to report it this way at all because this is just such a poor distraction for poor Bamster, and they want to sweep it under the rug, and they want Beau Biden in there, they want as many Democrats as possible, the media I’m talking about.

CALLER: No, I understand that. But, you know, we’re just going to keep hammering away, and by the way, when they don’t provide my wife with the freedom of information, we’ll identify that publicly, you know, that they wouldn’t give her the freedom of information and in fact, you know, may put a lawsuit, who knows.

RUSH: Well God bless you, God bless you. You’re going to be out there and they’re going to portray you as some kind of nutcase wacko if you succeed in this, so be forewarned and prepared.

CALLER: Rush, I’m already portrayed like that in Delaware so that doesn’t bother me.

RUSH: (laughing) You must have a reputation then.

CALLER: I absolutely have a reputation in Delaware.

RUSH: Oh, good, you’re fearless out there. Well, that’s good. That’s what we need. I’m glad you called, Bob. Thanks much.

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