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RUSH: So not very long ago, ladies and gentlemen, I received a depressing e-mail. Here I am in the middle of what I think is a gangbuster radio program today. We here at the EIB Network are having literally more fun than a human being should be allowed to have, and I get this e-mail that says, ‘Your show is depressing the heck out of me today.’ I said, ‘What? We’re having fun here.’ ‘No, it’s depressing as hell!!!’ Three exclamation points. And I got to thinking, what about this show could be depressing? The only thing I can think of is what I mentioned earlier, you know, all these stories that are out there today about how Democrat factions may block the Bamster’s plans and how all these unfortunate distractions, Obama may not get everything he wants. I put that into context for you, I said this ain’t going to happen. This is all media drivel designed to make it look like Obama has all these obstacles to overcome as a centrist, and it’s the left-wing kooks that are standing in his way when in fact he’s going to get 95% of what he wants. Now, maybe if telling you the truth about this is depressing, so be it. Elections have consequences.

I said during that brilliant analysis, our side makes the mistake of reading things in the Drive-By Media, and if we want to believe it, we believe it, such as the Bamster having trouble, the Bamster having distractions, Democrat factions standing in his way. If you read that stuff in the Drive-By Media, and you get all excited, ‘all right, all right, all right,’ and then I come along and set you straight, don’t blame me. Hell’s bells, folks, it was before we left on vacation that I shared with you information on how the Drive-Bys were wringing their hands over whether or not they ought to even be adversarial with Obama, because they just find it impossible to do. I’ll make this prediction to you. If it hasn’t happened already — and I think it has — but if it hasn’t, get used to it when Obama has press conferences. These people in the Drive-Bys are gonna apologize in advance for asking him a tough question. ‘Mr. President, forgive me, but…’ ‘Mr. President, I really don’t want to ask this, but…’ It is what it is. Elections have consequences out there, ladies and gentlemen. I think being forearmed with the truth is one of the best ways to forestall it. If you’re going to sit out there and fall pray to what you want to read, what you want to believe in the Drive-By Media, remember who they are. They are the Drive-By Media.


RUSH: We’ll go to Libertyville, Illinois. John, it’s great to have you on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hey. Thanks for taking my call. Happy New Year.

RUSH: Same to you.

CALLER: You said earlier on your show that Rod Blagojevich had played the race card, and I gotta tell you, I think he did something else. I think he played you. If you’ll indulge me for a minute, I’ll tell you why. I think that — I think Rod Blagojevich knows that the big problem for Republicans is that Barack Obama is an extremely popular guy. The Democrats have elected a black guy to the presidency, and that Republicans aren’t going to have a significant minority vote for a long time.

RUSH: (sigh)

CALLER: What’s the biggest…? So, you know, what’s the biggest problem for you, then, is you have to try to convince your audience that somehow the Democrats are really a bunch of racists, and Rod Blagojevich knows that.

RUSH: Wait a second. Do you really believe…? Do you really believe when Blagojevich appointed Burris, he’s sitting there calculating what I, El Rushbo, will say?

CALLER: Actually, I actually have to tell you, I think he did, because I gotta tell you: I can’t imagine a better thing for Rod Blagojevich than to tune in to your show yesterday and in the first two minutes you start your show with a lie and say, ‘Harry Reid said to Rod Blagojevich, ‘Don’t send me a black guy,” and all of a sudden —

RUSH: A-ha. A-ha.

CALLER: — the object of your show isn’t what a crook Rod Blagojevich is anymore.

RUSH: A-haaaa!

CALLER: The subject on your show is Harry Reid is a big racist.

RUSH: A-ha! A-ha!

CALLER: I gotta tell you, you’re doing exactly what Blagojevich wants you to be doing. You’ve been singing it for two days.

RUSH: So you would believe Harry Reid over Blagojevich?

CALLER: I think that (garbled) first caller on your show today —

RUSH: See, that’s my problem here. We’re talking about two Democrats. Who the hell do you believe between Blagojevich and Harry Reid? They’re both liberals! Liberalism is a myth, and they lie. You know what ought to be depressed today? What did we just hear? Blagojevich planning all this to suck me in! I am the last person on Blago’s mind, I will guarantee you. You know who ought to be depressed? It is me! I’m the one who ought to be depressed. My friends, I am doing brilliant radio, and look at how many Looney Tunes don’t get it. If I had a weaker constitution, if I had less stamina, if I had less love for myself, I would be devastated. I’d be telling myself, ‘Why bother? Why put in all this time, all this hard work? Why try to meet and exceed the expectations of the audience, when the average dingleberry isn’t going to get it anyway?’ But I only work harder, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t tell me you’re depressed, because of all the people who have a right to be depressed, it is me. Imagine if Johnny Carson got no jokes in the monologue. Imagine if NBC brought in a bunch of idiots who had no clue what he was talking about. Now, I’m not talking about all of you in the audience. I’m talking about some of these people that are new arrivals here, like obviously this guy — or he’s a seminar caller plant. Let me tell you something. It ain’t Blago who’s worried about me; it’s Dingy Harry. This guy may even be on Dingy Harry’s staff, for all I know. But the guy who does pay attention to what I say is Harry Reid. This we know. We raised $4.2 million off of what Harry Reid said. Well, let’s persevere here.

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