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Rush’s Morning Update: Politics!
January 7, 2009

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On Monday, Democrats in the House of Representatives revised the rulebook. Gone aremeasures that Republicans put in place, limiting the terms committee chairman can serveto ensure they don’t grow too powerful. Also gone: measures allowing the minority party(in this case, theRepublicans)the ability to offer alternative legislation, or to stop tax increases hidden inside large bills.

In short, Democrats– now comfortably back in charge– will stomp all over Republicans, restoring the House to what it used to be: a private playground for themselves. It won’t matter whether Republicans even show up –they’ll have little power to affect the outcome of anything. So they might as well collect their pay, go play golf, and call it a day.

Republicans wrote a letter to Nancy Pelosi objecting toall of theserule changes. For all the good it will do, they should’ve just thrown it in the garbage themselves.

You see, when Republicans won the House, the Drive-By Media took up the Democrat cause. They ran story after story about the “rights of the minority party” to power, since they were elected to office, too, representing a vast swath of the electorate. And Republicans accommodated them! Now theDemocrats are back,and no one gives a rat’s rear end about “power-sharing”or the minority party’s rights.

Now I, El Rushbo, am not surprised, and I’m not complaining. Elections have consequences. This is how politics is played. When liberals win, partisanship is not only okay, it’s expected –it’s a lesson conservatives should never forget.

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