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RUSH: I do want to spend some time, ladies and gentlemen, on just the unfortunate and sad circumstances that have cropped up here during the transition of the Bamster. So many, so many things are in his way. Democrat factions could stall grand plans. Democrats waver on Obama plan. Dianne Feinstein fit to be tied over the appointment of Leon Panetta at CIA. It’s just a shame.

I think it’s terribly unfortunate and I, ladies and gentlemen, want to lead the sympathy parade here in an effort here to be bipartisan during the transition. The poor Bamster, he tried to get in the Blair House, Bush said no, screw you, come back January 15th, had to check into Hay-Adams Hotel. He shows up yesterday, has a meeting up there in front of the fireplace with Pelosi and Reid. Pelosi says, ‘Come on, hit the ground running, we don’t have time to wait here.’ He won’t weigh in on what’s happening in Gaza. He had to get the girls off to school. He had to move to Washington, had to arrive there. Aw, man, I’ve never seen somebody have it so damn tough before they were even inaugurated. Poor Bamster. I mean, Democrats waver on Obama plan? He’s not even president yet, Democrats already got the long knives out. At least that’s what the Drive-Bys want us to believe.


RUSH: I just watched the Senate and the House, the new Senate and the House get sworn in, and I said to Snerdley while I was watching, ‘This is like the bank opening the doors and welcoming in the thieves, opening the vault and saying, ‘Have at it!” So Obama is proposing a $350 billion tax cut as part of the stimulus plan. Have you noticed not one person in the Drive-By Media or the Democrat Party has said, ‘Uh, uh, uh, wait a minute! How we gonna pay for this?’ Whenever the George W. Bush tax cuts are proposed, when any Republican tax cut is proposed, the cry erupts immediately, ‘Well (crying) how are we gonna pay for this?’ Not only are we not asking how we are going to pay for Obama’s tax cuts, we’re not asking how we’re gonna pay for any of this stuff that they are engaging in.

Greetings. It’s Rush Limbaugh, this the Excellence in Broadcasting Network. Great to have you with us. Telephone number is 800-282-2882. Great to have you with us. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

So here we have it, ladies and gentlemen, such a sad, sad circumstance here. Wall Street Journal: ‘Democrats’ Factions Could Stall Grand Plans.’ Now, I’m not going to read the whole piece. These are the grand plans of Obama. The Bamster is now facing opposition already in his own party, the factions of his own party. Oh, no! How can it be? The poor guy, he’s just a savior. He’s…The One. He just intends the best for everything and everybody in the world, and now we’re being told that factions in his own party could stall his grand plans. Now, this is basically a treatment of the fact — by the way, there’s a smidgen of truth to the possibility. The Democrat Party is an amalgamation, if you will, of various coalitions and these coalitions are very selfish and they are single-interest.

You have the pro-abortion feminazis; You have the Big Labor people’ the teachers unions and so forth; you have the animal rights crowd; you have the global warming crowd, the militant environmentalist wackos, you have the militant gay crowd; and they all have their demands on the Democrat Party leadership, and they generally are very selfish. They are united when there is a Republican in the White House, but when there’s a Democrat, sometimes they get a little selfish. But I think this is smoke and mirrors. Get this from the French News Agency: ‘In Distraction for Obama, Chaos Stalks New Senate.’ This is about poor Burris, who has been treated like a third-rate citizen, ladies and gentlemen, like three-fifths of a human being by Dingy Harry Reid and the United States Senate.

(interruption) Well, he has been, Snerdley! You can sit there and laugh all you want, but today Roland Burris was no better than three-fifths of an American. He shows up legitimately appointed, and they won’t let him in. ‘The US Senate is set to convene in a swirl of allegations of corruption, voter fraud and dynastic nepotism that threatens to dog the early days of Barack Obama’s presidency.’ The nepotism, by the way, is Caroline Kennedy and the setup here for Beau Biden to become Senator in 2010 replacing his father. They’re going to put a caretaker in there. And then this headline here from TheAge.com.au. This is from Australia: ‘Democrats Waver on Obama Plan.’ In the United States, this headline would be, ‘GOP to Block Obama Plan,’ but in Australia it is ‘Democrats Waver on Obama Plan.’

What are we to make of this? This, ladies and gentlemen, is the new mantra, and I submit to you that everybody will fall for it. Everybody is going to fall for this notion, ‘Oh, poor Bamster! He’s so well-spoken. He’s so nice. He’s so harmless, and now all of these evil people are standing up trying to block his agenda!’ Well, let me tell you something, folks — and you heard it here first. I am the all-knowing, all-caring, all-seeing Maha Rushie. We agree on this, correct? Obama will get 95% of everything he wants early on. It’ll be the same thing with his cabinet. You know, everybody is talking about, ‘Whoa, how moderate the cabinet is!’ Forget that they’re Clintonistas for a second. Look at the way they’re being discussed. ‘Oh, they’re so moderate! They’re such a bunch of moderates.’

Everybody knows that the real power brokers in the Obama administration are too controversial to be nominated to these cabinet posts. Bill Ayers is going to be running education behind the scenes. Everybody knows this. Look at Leon Panetta over at CIA. Do you know the dirty little secret of Leon Panetta being appointed? New York Times even had this story. New York Times says Obama couldn’t find anybody to accept it, that he really wanted. Now, that’s one thing. But do you know why he couldn’t find anybody to accept it? Because the people he wanted had intelligence experience, they have been involved in intelligence gathering in the war on terror. They are fully aware of the threats we face, and Obama doesn’t want a CIA that’s engaged in it. He wants the CIA…

See, the story is going out that Obama does not want a CIA that will pull the wool over his eyes like they did over Bush’s eyes on weapons of mass destruction. So he wants somebody in there he can trust. The dirty little secret is, he couldn’t find anybody involved that wanted to take the job under his terms. He basically wants the CIA to sort of abrogate where they’ve been going. He wants to control it. So he’s putting his own guy in there to clean the place out, like Porter Goss was supposed to clean the place out, but the old boys at the CIA got rid of Porter Goss via President Bush. Panetta is now considered to be a strong enough figure that the old boys of the CIA will not be able to push him out, in the eyes of Obama.

There’s so much going on that is not happening the way the Drive-Bys are reporting it. And it’s the same way with these sob stories: ‘Democrats’ Factions Could Stall Obama Grand Plans.’ ‘Democrats Waver on Obama Plan.’ There will be these factions, but the big picture is the issue. The question is: Will Obama advance his agenda? And the answer is: You bet he will. And part of the strategery, intended or otherwise, is to make him appear centrist. That’s what all the complaining is about. This is a strategery. All of these stories are planted, ladies and gentlemen, to make it appear that Obama, he’s the harmless, lovely little fuzzball centrist, and it’s all these wacko extremists in his party that are standing in his way. It is to make him look like something he is not.

Obama is driving this hearse, ladies and gentlemen. Obama is driving it, and he’s going to take it where he wants to go. Whatever funeral home he wants to take this country to is where he’s gonna take it. It’s being made to look to be like he’s barely in charge now. ‘He’s lost control! Why, all these people are standing in his way.’ You know, too many of the people on our side, too many conservatives, too many Republicans judge events by what is going on with the left. They judge events on the basis of what the New York Times says about an event, or what NBC, or ABC, say. They get caught up in it. If the unions are upset that they can’t get their non-secret voting passed, fine. There’s a story in the Wall Street Journal, a bunch of senators now say they may not vote for this.

It was easy to vote for it when they knew Bush would veto it, but reality has set in, and the whole notion of getting rid of secret ballots? There’s no stomach for this, is the story in the Journal today. But, see, if you look further behind the scenes, as have I, you will find they may not get their non-secret voting passed. They may not get Card Check, but they will get their compelled arbitration passed, and that will force small businesses to have to prove to federal bureaucrats why their employees don’t want to be unionized and the decision will be left to the arbitrator. So the unions are going to win through the back door even as Card Check is defeated while our guys are going to say, ‘Whoa, what a great victory! We stopped Card Check. We stopped one of Obama’s agenda items.’

They’re going to get it through the back door, and then they will complain. Even after they get what they want, after Card Check goes down, they will complain that they have not gotten what they want — because that’s the nature of liberalism. As Ann Coulter’s new book makes clear, they love portraying themselves as victims. Now, cap-and-trade. It’s bogus, totally bogus. It’s bombed out everywhere it’s tried, but if cap-and-trade is adopted here, the environmentalists will have won. But after they’ve won, they will say they have not won because the cap is not tough enough and the trade part is too helpful to industry. So whatever they get, it won’t be enough. As I have told you over and over again: You can’t satisfy liberals.

This is where our side has made all kinds of mistakes by trying to make accommodations with them, by compromising with them, by crossing the aisle. ‘We’ll give you what you want, a little bit of this.’ It’s never enough! They have to be defeated, not accommodated. The way they continue to get what they want is to complain they haven’t gotten anything and to blame others for victimizing them. You know, we’re going to be adopting hard-left measures down the line like this, and there will be demands for more and complaints of sellout, all of which will make Obama appear reasonable and centrist. That’s how it’s going to be reported. That’s how it will be repeated even among conservatives, that he’s a centrist. Our guys are already doing it, are they not?

The best and brightest we have to offer are still talking about, ‘Gosh, we hope he succeeds! We really want him to succeed, and we will work with him, and we shouldn’t have any criticism of him right now. Look at his cabinet, it’s very centrist, very moderate. We can work with these people.’ The best and brightest on our side are falling for this, even as I explain to you the trick as being perpetrated on them right now. This is how it works, folks. I know liberals like every square inch of my glorious naked body. I know how they do things, and if we don’t recognize this and if we don’t recognize how this works, we may not recognize our country in four years. And I am predicting this as the all-knowing, all-seeing all concerned Maha Rushie.

It’s very, very important here, folks, seriously because I think we have the tendency to delude ourselves and embrace the left’s spin, even when we denounce it. And the left’s spin right now is, ‘Oh, poor Obama, he’s so distracted right now. Bill Richardson (crying) and these factions and his party! (crying) Democrats are wavering on his plan.’ We feel sorry for him because we’re too gutless to criticize him. So we embrace the spin of what’s happening, even before he becomes president. We as a nation are going to move hard left. There’s no question about this. That’s why the spin right now is that he’s just a moderate; he’s just a centrist. While we are moving hard left, we will be told that we are not moving hard left, and the Democrat special interest groups will whine all the way as they are delivered victory after victory. You mark my words. January 6th, 2009: ‘They’re gonna get all of what they want, 95% of it, and they’re going to complain all the way.’

The complaining has already started. ‘Democrat Factions Could Stall Grand Plans.’ ‘Democrats Waver on Obama Plan.’ Let’s take a look at this tax cut plan, right? Look at how our side is bending over backwards for this. ‘Wow, $350 billion of Obama’s stimulus plan is going to be a tax cut. Whoa!’ If you look, dig deep, you’ll find that his tax cut is going to the bottom 50% who do not pay taxes anyway. He’s going to create a new welfare state out of these people, and once you have over 50% of the people not paying income taxes, you lose forever the argument to cut taxes for everybody else who pays them. Because those who don’t pay any are never going to vote tax cuts on people who are paying their freight. This is a classic example. I’ll explain this in greater detail in a moment.

This is a classic illustration of how what I just described works. They are going to cut taxes for business that don’t make any money. They’re gonna cut taxes for business that aren’t in business. They’re gonna cut taxes for people that don’t pay taxes. They’re not going to raise anybody’s taxes, other than when the Bush tax cuts expire, but they’re gonna cut taxes for all these people who aren’t even paying any anyway. ‘But, Rush! But, Rush! They’re paying Social Security tax.’ All right, then cut their Social Security taxes, but don’t give them a welfare check that’s called a tax cut for taxes they are not paying — and that’s what’s coming down the pike, plus a couple other ditties in my analysis of this. But this is the way it’s going to happen. We’re gonna go hard left. The media is gonna make it look like Obama’s a centrist, and as the Democrat factions get pretty much everything they want, they’re going to be complaining and whining all the way that they haven’t gotten it.


RUSH: Hank in Logan, Utah, you’re next on the EIB Network, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Good morning, Rush.


CALLER: I had one question for you. It seems to me that starting in 2000, before George Bush became president, the libs launched a campaign to discredit him on every single point or issue he tried to accomplish, and if that’s the ground rules for the game, why don’t we start doing that as conservatives with Obama now?

RUSH: Well, which conservatives are you talking about doing it? If you’re talking about most, not all, most elected conservatives, or most wannabe elected conservatives, forget it, ain’t going to happen, they are too interested in not being thought of negatively. They are afraid that any criticism of the Bamster will have them labeled racist, and so they will stay silent and instead they’ll run around saying, ‘Gosh, we hope he succeeds,’ like fools.

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