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RUSH: Roland Burris had a press conference this afternoon. He actually started the press conference on time. Has a going to have to learn that you don’t do that. The press conference scheduled to start at 1:30. He shoulda started 1:33, 1:34, when this program is out of its commercial break. He’ll learn this at some point. We weren’t able to JIP his press conference live, therefore, but one thing he said, ladies and gentlemen — it was one of the first things he said, was that he got a phone call. He said he had an important phone call before he went to the meeting with Dick Turban and Dingy Harry today, and that phone call was from his good friend, former president of the United States, Jimmy Carter.

As Burris told it, Carter got on the phone and said, ‘When you are in the Senate, Roland, you will make a great senator.’ When was Jimmy Carter last in the news, ladies and gentlemen? Why, I think it was just Monday. I think it was just Monday. Jimmy Carter was part of Habitat for Humanity, this great organization out there building homes for people who couldn’t afford ’em. They went out there and you hammer nails. In fact, give you the history on this. Jimmy Carter joined Habitat for Humanity whenever we saw video of Jimmy Carter. He’s out there hammering nails into houses in Georgia and northern Florida. And then Nixon died, and they had the Nixon funeral, and of course Carter hated Nixon, thought he was a big boob. So Carter and Rosalynn were sitting out there in the funeral. There’s Reagan and there’s Clinton and Henry Kissinger and former President Ford, and they’re just praising Nixon to the hilt.

And Carter doesn’t understand it, and Rosalynn is sitting there jabbing Jimmy in the ribs. ‘You sit there hammering nails. You’re wasting time making cheap houses and look at what they’re saying about Nixon! What are they going to say about you, that you hammered nails?’ Yes, that’s what we’re saying about him — and the houses, ladies and gentlemen, have begun to collapse! (chainsaw sound effects) It was shoddy construction. Habitat for Humanity in northern Florida has Jimmy Carter-built homes, crumbling in plain sight. (playing of timber update theme song) This is the old timber update theme back from the glory days of Earth First, trying to prevent timber from being chopped down, the spotted owl days and so forth. I always loved that update theme, the sound of tree hitting the deck. One of the most beautiful sounds in the world is a tree falling. Well, it is, because look at what happens. You build a home — if Jimmy Carter is in charge a cheap house, that won’t last, but you build a home — nice cherrywood floors, pianos, baseball bats. It’s a great thing.

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