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RUSH: Barack Obama, ladies and gentlemen, has launched a war to save the US economy. That’s what he wants us to believe with his speech today, which is just a rehash of his campaign rhetoric, which was empty platitudes. Remember with Obama, it doesn’t matter what he says, it’s how he says it. Now, how is Obama going to launch this war to save the US economy? He’s going to do this by occupying the private sector with government forces. This is how you must look at this. He pretty much made it out to be a war. ‘We don’t have much time, we gotta solve this, we can’t wait, we gotta get this done,’ so he’s going to occupy the private sector with government forces, but he says he only wants to do that short term. But the question is can we believe him? So we need benchmarks in this war. We need timelines.

We need to know three months from now, six months from now, how the war is going. We need an exit strategy. We need to know when government forces are gonna remove themselves from the private sector. In other words, we want our Green Zone back. We want to know where the Abu Ghraibs are in advance. We want to know where the prisoners are going to be put. We want to know what it’s gonna take to get ’em out of prison. We need a government exit strategy. Will government really stand down as the US economy stands up? Well, the left is saying, are we really going to get out of Iraq when the Iraqi government is able to police themselves? If after such time — and believe me, this war will fail, there is no exit strategy because this plan of Obama’s cannot possibly rescue, because the only stimulus in this economy is the average American who makes the country work, and more of those people are losing their jobs. And until they get their jobs back, ’til the economy is producing them, we’re not going to have any kind of economic growth; we’re not going to escape the recession.

The longer this goes on, the greater there will be a need for an insurgency inside the private sector, which will have been invaded by government forces. And I, Rush Limbaugh, the all-knowing, all-caring, all-sensing, harmless, lovable little fuzzball, Maha Rushie, I will lead the capitalistic insurgency to take this country back from government forces who really have only one intention, and that’s expanding government and entrenching the Democrat Party in power for another 50 years as did FDR. So I’m warning you people. I will lead this insurgency. Big story just came off the printer here moments ago, and it’s about Merkel and Sarkozy and one other European leader want a new capitalism for western Europe, want a new capitalism. We’re going in the opposite direction. How do you lead a capitalistic insurgency to get government forces out of the private sector? You invest in the American people, and that’s what I, as leader of the capitalistic insurgency will do.

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